5 Secrets For Improving Your Conversion Rate

Posted by Kirti Anand Sharma on March 26, 2013


You have heard it all before and I wonder whether there is anything else to say about the world of internet marketing. You already know that this is the arena where all players, big and small currently converge. Of course you have your website and it is well designed, you are also taking care to ensure that it is user friendly, easily navigable, and that it provides quality information to visitors. You have taken every step to optimize your web pages, and done all there is to do yet you are not raking in the sales! What could you be doing wrong?

The present obsession is to get as many people as possible to visit your site. Everyone is fighting to get the biggest volume of traffic. The mantra is that the heavier the traffic the higher the page ranking you will get. True enough, but what is the point of having that many people visit your site if you cannot convert even a third of them into active sales? Why not have half the number and strive to make twice as much sales for the number?

  • The first magic wand to getting higher conversions is to make your website accessible and user friendly. How else are you going to make sales if your website is complicated? Internet users are averse to things as complicated as space science. First have a site that is responsive to different browsers because not everybody uses Internet Explorer, for instance. Your call to action should not be obscure and hidden. Make it bold and easy to spot. Provide more information about the specs of the product you are selling.
  • Secondly, never sell a product that does not exist. It is pointless to have great information about a service or product only for a potential buyer to realise that the product/service in question is not available any more. Always make sure what you announce is available. This should be coupled with the right pricing. Nothing puts off potential buyers like springing hidden costs on them at the last minute. Be honest and upfront with all cost implications including shipping charges.
  • You need to develop your own unique selling point (USP). Knowing this is important because it will help set you apart from the crowd. There is no way you are going to beat the competition if all you are offering is the same. Look for things like price discounts, customer service or free delivery that your competition is not doing.
  • You can add value to the shopping experience of users by trying cross-selling or up selling. This is a method whereby you give users an opportunity to view products similar to what they are looking for. Even if they do not take the initial product, giving them variety will encourage them to come again.

Finally, it is important to give users a choice of payment options and though it is not advisable to accept cheques, forcing everyone to use their credit cards might not do. You can help make the life of visitors easier by exploring and availing of the many different payment options available.

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