How Mobile Changes the Way We Shop Online

Posted by Greg Smith on February 13, 2013


Technical progress gained its speed in XX-XXI centuries. Along with the growth of technical innovations our life became more digitalized. Digital TV's, cameras (no need any more for the tapes), computers, mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, e-book readers etc) even money became digital (credit cards). Each and every aspect of our life is knitted with the digital technologies.

A mobile device in your pocket and connected to the Internet is a powerful tool. Reading, chatting, viewing, listening, speaking, shopping, learning, paying the rent or the bills - you can do it all with the help of only one device. You can do it all from any place, whether you are in the office or at home, at the restaurant or vacations. Mobile devices already changed our lives drastically and for sure there's more to come. For example: mobile shopping. There are thousands of companies selling their goods through online stores, thousands of new online stores yet to be created by e-commerce development companies similar to iKantam.

Though the most common device for online shopping is PC's (desktop computers and laptops) smart phones and tablets gain popularity fast.

Here are three cool examples of mobile applications that already changed the way we shop online:

1. Jewelry industry - virtual try on. We have no opportunity to try on the item bought online - it was always a huge disadvantage for online jewelry shopping., one of the top online jewelry retail players, launched an iphone jewelry application: 'Try Before You Buy'. The application allows users to use the mobile device to try on the rings and bracelets. Added to that, the application enables users to share the images of the favorite products tried on with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and Email to get their opinion.

2. Online education - As long as we live we are learning. Kno is the education software company. Their application is available for a number of mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Windows. And allows users to buy or rent digital textbooks. Thousand of textbooks available with the discount of 30-50%, number of extra useful features such as: making notes directly in the textbooks or social learning with other students or professors.

3. Home furnishings industry - augmented reality. Augment - a mobile application allowing 3D visualization of the products in real environment. Quite often when buying, for example, furniture it often comes down to a simple question: how would it look in my house or room? Augment brings down this barrier. By pointing the camera at the marker you'll see the chosen furniture item on the screen in real size in your room or any other place. You can turn it around or move it to find the best spot. No need to take measurements or wondering about color to choose. With Augment you see the precise 3D model of the item at your place.

These are just a few samples how mobile devices and technologies make our life easier and funnier.

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