Are Web 2.0 Properties Still Effective for SEO?

Posted by Gem Franco on January 02, 2013


Google Penguin has been a bit of an apocalypse for many Internet marketers. A considerable chunk of online businesses experienced severe drops in the status of their search engine rankings once the update was put in place. There were wild stories floating about far and wide on the cyber waves that the entire process of link building was perhaps being systematically phased out in favor of a more sophisticated and complicated system. Google itself was supposed to have favored the radical change.


How to Pick an SEO Friendly Designer: Utility vs. Style!

Posted by Gareth Hoyle on January 02, 2013


Selecting a web designer isn't an easy job because not only the site should be creative, but it should captivate the whole theme or the purpose of the business and be SEO-friendly. It is quite painful to deal with the web designers, because many of them can create great designs, but they don't understand the SEO aspects.


How Facebook Can Hinder You Getting Accepted To Your Top College Or Snagging Your Dream Job

Posted by Mark Jenkins on December 27, 2012


The Joy of Sharing

People take pictures and videos of great moments and funny events so that they can share the memories with friends and look back on them later. With the internet and social media networking it is now possible to share these pictures and videos instantly with your friends and family. You are also able to “tag” people in the photo or video with you so that it can be shared with their friends and family as well. Theoretically, this is a great idea. However, too many people are posting pictures and videos of them doing illegal or kindly put, less than wise, things. What people are unaware of, however, is that many college admissions teams and employers are beginning to look at applicants profiles as a determining factor in their acceptance process.