Who Needs a Visual Programmer Anyway?

Posted by Brandon MMT on December 24, 2012


What Does Bcc Stand For?

There is a good explanation for the reality that people are familiar with the term visual basic programming yet have no idea what it is. Well the reader will be the judge of whether it is a good explanation but it is at least a sensible explanation. In a similar way to how most folks are familiar with the term "Bcc" and use it all the time, but couldn't tell you what it stands for (blind carbon copy BTW), many utilizing the fruits of visual basic programming don’t have the slightest idea what it is. The point is not to set forth a definition, rather to underscore its prevalent nature, in fact it is so prevalent that some of the most popular applications spelled out below might be surprising.

Facebook has Nothing on This

In an attempt to communicate the ubiquitous reality of this dynamic, if one was to type in a search for visual basic programming it would take 3 years to look through all of the search results if you sat at your desk and never took a break and only spent 20 seconds per page. By way of contrast if one was to enter Facebook it would “only” take them 1.5 years to get through all of the results. Clearly there is a large demand and interest in this subject and the simple reason is that visual basic programming is such an integral part of our electronic world.

It’s Here, It’s There, It’s Everywhere

From the time someone clicks on their web browser to the moment they type in a query into a search engine they have been benefitting from the existence of visual basic programming. This article would not have been accessible if it weren’t for visual basic programming, as it lies at the very fabric of every web page that you visit and it was utilized in the creation of these words. The list truly is endless, as the majority of electronic devices utilized have functions that were written by this language. To put it another way there is not a day that goes by, from the moment a person hits the snooze button on their alarm clock to the time they are setting their automatic brew setting on the coffee maker before going to bed that they are not leveraging this dynamic.

Figure It Out Yet?

Information like this makes one wonder how many people in the world exist that men and women depend on yet really have no idea about because they are out of sight, thus they are out of mind. A few people may come to mind like the person who harvested the wheat that was used to make a recent bowl of cereal for a convenient breakfast; nevertheless the list is probably endless. At this point there is either a feeling of gratitude for these programmers or a desire to pursue a career in the industry. So who needs a visual basic programmer? Contrary to average public knowledge, the answer is hopefully obvious at this point… everyone does.

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