5 Ways You Can Go Green With All Your Technology

Posted by Casey Haslem on May 21, 2013


Many people think that using technology automatically qualifies them as "going green" in certain aspects of their lives. While this is true, there are loads of unique things you can do with technology to further your efforts in going green!

5 Ways You Can Go Green With All Your Technology

Recycle Old SIM Cards

If you're like any other person that's got a cell phone plan, you've probably went through a few SIM cards for various reasons. Once you've got SIM cards on your hands that don't really have a purpose anymore, it can be hard to figure out what to do with them besides just throwing them away. However, you can actually recycle SIM cards! For example, if you use a tablet with your mobile provider, search for an appropriate organization in your area that will take the old SIM card and replace it with an iPad SIM card from Bell.ca.

Shop Online

Instead of driving to the mall or store, consider ordering items online that you don't need right away. Not only will the items come right to your door so that you don't have to go anywhere, but you'll also save on fuel, and it can practically take seconds to make a purchase online!

Use a GPS App/Device

GPS devices and apps are perfect for the person who travels or uses their vehicle a lot. Instead of printing off directions and using paper/ink, use a GPS app or device to find the quickest routes to your destination. This will also help you save on fuel consumption.

Buy Green Technology

Another method you can use is buying only technology that encourages and enforces energy efficiency. For example, many different types of computer parts, televisions, and other items have been produced with power efficiency in mind. Some operating systems for computers even come with control panels for controlling how much power the overall machine uses. You'd be surprised how much power and money you could save by tweaking these settings.

Make a Habit Out of Your 'Notes' App

Do you find yourself making notes on Post-Its often? Do you find yourself grabbing fresh sheets of paper only to scribble down a trivial or minor reminder. Instead of using paper for miniscule reasons, make a habit out of using your Notes app (such as on your Android tablet) to take down reminders and ideas. You can edit them easily and even save different notes for various types of tasks and ideas. You'll also save money by not having to buy as much paper for reminding yourself of responsibilities!

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