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Posted by Andrew Yessen on December 28, 2012


Nearly every website has a blog. Blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years, since they provide a great way to share useful content, and enable readers to connect with writers, brands and organizations. Businesses use blogs not only to do these things, but to gain higher amounts of search traffic to their websites. But with only so many hours in a day, some businesses find it difficult to keep their blogs relevant a fresh. There are, however, a few simple ways to keep a business blog fresh and gain more viewers.

One easy way to do this is to create content regarding a product or a service. Providing potential customers with rich useful content can go a long way. This can also showcase a new product or keep readers informed on how different services within the company work. Blogs are not just one way in terms of the online conversation. This is a great chance for businesses to get feedback from patrons. If there are specific issues mentioned, businesses know what to remedy to keep customers happy.

If a product or service is doing particularly well, displaying a positive customer review or testimonial is a recommended tactic. This kind of genuine feedback offers a fresh prospective on the business and shows new viewers how great the business is from the viewpoint of an unpaid source. Businesses should ensure that testimonials are genuine and do not appear commercial in any way.

There are many genres of business, such as real estate, digital, retail and new energy to name just a few. In many cases, it is very useful for a blog to keep viewers up to date on industry specific practices and news. Some industries are evolving fairly rapidly, so it is important to ensure customers are up to date and know that the business they are viewing is also.

Some blogs find it useful to connect viewers to other places online that may be helpful in terms of education or listing out different kinds of options. Often these resources are government based, and businesses want to show that the data being shown is trustworthy. Readers will then know that statistics or relevant books and non-electronic sources are reliable.

Keeping a healthy dose of a few of these ideas can keep a business blog for a long time. What is most important is understanding the customer base and knowing what information they may find useful. If this kind of content is being produced, viewership should go up in no time.


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