5 Ways to Speed up your Computer

Posted by Ashlee Harsh on February 17, 2013


So you are having trouble with your computer, and it seems that it is underperforming lately. The computer that you bought for some time now is no longer having the same speed that it had when you first got hold of it. If this sounds familiar to you, it is nice to know that this is a common problem that can easily be remedied. You can speed up your computer and help it perform better again through these simple tips.

Remove unwanted spyware and viruses

Software is often the culprit behind the underperformance of your computer. Some websites that you visit may install malicious software or spyware without you knowing it. Some spyware are benign and just make your computer go snail-paced. What is scary is the fact that your security can be compromised if ever your computer gets infected by spyware. You can boost the performance of your computer by installing a firewall and anti-virus software.

Free up some disk space

If you understand how your computer stores data, defragmenting makes a lot of sense. Your computer is not really that efficient in storing batches of data close to each other. There are data that are placed far away which make your computer work extra hard to locate the pieces of data to execute a program or process. It pays to defragment your hard drive from time to time in order to boost the speed of your computer in locating data when needed.

Delete unwanted data

Deleting unwanted data and files will also help speed up your computer. Just like in the real-world when clutter impacts any of your appliances there is a possibility of lowered performance. Clearing your disk space can considerably improve the speed of your computer. Use the disk cleanup tool that comes with your Windows operating system to safely delete temporary files.

Scan your disk drives for errors

In the early days of the PC, old timers used to have a Scandisk program to look for disk errors. This program allows users to detect errors on the hard drive and apply a patch on an area so that it will no longer be used. This will make the data search better and more efficient thus speeding up the process.

Upgrade your operating system

Upgrading your operating system will generally give you a burst of speed that you need. Next-generation operating systems are far more efficient that their predecessors. They are stable and more reliable than the previous iteration of the operating system. This translates to better performance and optimized for best results.

Don't let the speed of your computer get under your skin. Make sure that you do preventive maintenance from time to time so that you can avert slowdowns and other problems that can lead to data loss. The key in boosting your computer's speed is to know how your machine works and do something to prevent it from crashing.

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