5 Tips To Battle Wintery Weather In Style

Posted by Jayla Barnsen on August 27, 2013


When the cold blows down from the north and the land turns white, then the time has come to start enjoying the winter in style. For some people this might mean traveling off to some warm climate and sipping cocktails by the poolside, but for others, it means transforming part of their home into a haven to celebrate winter while basking in the beauty of the outdoors.

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Here are 5 tips to beat the winter weather in style at home:

1. Build a nice outdoor patio.

Have enough room to have a few friends over every now and again, but also make it small enough to be cozy for you and your loved ones as you watch the stars at night. One should make sure that it is built soundly and can handle the weight of other items placed on the patio. Make sure it can be easily shoveled if you live in an area that snows a lot.

2. Install an outdoor bar on the patio.

You can put in a large screen TV for football and hockey behind a glass wall so the cold doesn't damage it. Beer taps can run out of the house so they don't freeze when it gets really cold.

3. Heat lamps.

Outdoor garden-type heat lamps are good for keeping areas of the patio warm on cold nights. The heat lamps stand six feet tall and can warm a 175 square foot area. They can usually be easily moved around to spots where they can do the most good and are powered by a normal outdoor grill propane tank.

4. Construct a fireplace.

This should be a fireplace that captures the eye and is big enough to warm a section of the patio during the winter. One should be able to put large logs on the fire and have seating for people to get close and feel the warmth.

5. Hot Tub or Spa.

A spa is the place to relax when you get home after the early evening sun has settled down for the night in the winter. There are a few reliable companies out there, but I prefer the customizable options offered by Bullfrog Spas. You can warm the spa up, grab a cold beverage, and sit with your special someone while watching the fire glow glisten against the water's surface.

Finding a place to live in style to beat the winter blues begins at home. You can turn a mundane spot in the backyard into a virtual paradise to pass the winter's time away and be the envy of friends in warmer places.

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