How to Sell Your Brand Online?

Posted by Sonia Jackson on November 08, 2013


Your brand is all about educating people about your brand principles. If people are unaware of your brand principles then you do not have a brand. Everything you do with regard to branding is all about getting your message across. Here are few tips on how you may educate your consumers online.

Educate people of your brand principles on your website

This means letting them know what your business stands for and letting them know what type of service to expect. On your website you are allowed to pretend as if your user has never heard of you, meaning that you start by explaining yourself at a very personal and specific level. This allows you to build a base upon which you may build your brand. Teach people about what to expect and it will help to build your brand online.

Engage in the online community

You can do this any way you like. You can go on forums and communicate, or you can comment on social media or on blog posts. Anything you decided to do in order to communicate with the online community is okay, and then you must also start building up a bit of promotional chatter without scaring people off. You can start being slightly promotional and then working your way up then that may work. Or, you can pretend you are a customer and that you have just found some great bargains on a website (yours).

Use affiliate advertising for impressions

This is where you pay for not for clicks. You pay for how many times a person sees your website advert. The charges run in the thousands of impressions, so you do not have to worry about paying lots of money for your impressions. They will help to get your logo, brand and slogan out there. You can help people learn a little bit about you so that you are a little more fresh in their mind when they want your products.

Use affiliate advertising for clicks

This is basically your usual type of affiliate advertising. You place your adverts, they run online and you get to receive traffic for a few cents per person. It can be expensive if you have a lot of people arrive, but it can also draw in very little traffic at all. Set it up and up on a daily routine you should check it to see if you are getting in the way of traffic.

Rent a little advertising space on popular websites

This is not affiliate advertising. This is where you are literally renting a part of a website to run your advertising material on. It will have a no-follow link on it so people can navigate to your site. So many people are all excited about affiliate advertising that they forget they can do this and get a better deal.

Blog about yourself

A blog is a tool that allows you to spread information around the Internet. It is quite possible for you to start a blog and write about issues and subjects that cast your brand in a good light. You could also expose people to your brand principles and tell them things that you cannot get across in adverts.

Add articles to article sites about your brand

You can do the same thing with article sites as you can with blogs. You can make your articles seem a little more impartial, since they are not hosted on your blog but are on article sites. You may post informative posts or exposés on your own company in a way that casts your brand in a good light.

Write about your brand in forums

Forum members may be able to spot a poster who is trying to be promotional. So, try writing as if you have just discovered the (your) company or products and you are quite excited about them. People post about this sort of stuff all the time and if you are careful about it then you can make it look like you are just a regular citizen. This is good because if a person is trying to research your product or service, they may come across the posts in that forum and be influenced by them.

Guest post on other blogs about your brand

Just like how you posted positive or informative things on your blog, you can post it on other people's blogs too. They may not like you posting a big promotional piece, but if you try to make it look even handed then you may be alright. Posting reviews of your products is a good idea.

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