5 Feminine Gift Ideas for the Hard to Please Teen

Posted by Lisa Coleman on January 01, 2014


Once girls outgrow their love for children's toys like dolls and building blocks, it can become more difficult for parents to know what to buy their daughters for special occasions. They may rack their brains and search high and low for the perfect gift that will please their daughters and appropriately express their love. Because teenage daughters are on the cusp of adulthood, however, parents may be encouraged to view their daughters as young adults rather than children as they shop for that perfect present.

5 Feminine Gift Ideas for the Hard to Please Teen
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1. Makeup

There is nothing more loved by a teenaged girl that the beauty of makeup. A mother cannot go wrong when gifting their teen with colorful makeup, nail polish, or lightly scented fragrances. Including some of their favorite colors in the mix is a sure fire way to know that she will love it.

2. Clothing

Most girls love to receive clothing as gifts. In fact, some teenage girls argue that they can never have enough clothing on hand. Parents on the lookout for great presents can shop at their daughter's favorite apparel store and find nice outfits in her size. If they are unsure of what kinds of styles are popular right now, they can ask the sales staff for guidance.

3. Diamond Jewelry

Teenage daughters are just the right age to begin appreciating fine jewelry and accessories. In fact, many teen girls often receive their first pair of diamond earrings or bracelets during these years. Parents who want to give a gift that will be highly valued and kept with care throughout the coming years of their daughter's life may achieve both goals of giving this gift when they choose a diamond accessory like a tennis bracelet, a ring, or a pair of diamond studs.

The best way to go is by shopping from reputable jewelers where quality is important, such as with Icing on the Ring, a diamonds Los Angeles jeweler. Their daughter very well may keep this precious gift as a keepsake throughout her life and wear it on special occasions like her wedding day.

4. Electronic Gifts

Like most teens, a teenage girl may want new electronics as gifts on special occasions. Parents on the lookout for a gift that will make a positive impression on their girls may be inclined to purchase tablet computers, cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices that their daughters can use to browse the Internet or text their friends. Electronics continue to be popular gifts for the teenage set.

5. Bedroom Accents

Many parents fail to realize that some teenage girls become keenly interested in home décor during their teen years. They start to realize how decorations and furniture can be used to create the perfect look in their bedrooms or other areas of the house. Even more, with their teenage daughters being on the cusp of moving out to go to college, parents may appreciate the need to buy their daughters furniture that they can take with them to college and into adulthood. Giving their daughters the gift of bedroom sets, linens, and other home furnishings could become presents that are appreciated throughout their daughters' lives.

Because teenage daughters are no longer little girls, it can be a challenge for parents to find that perfect present. When they want to give a gift that will have a positive impact and appropriately express their love and devotion, parents may be encouraged to consider these options.

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