Tips for Backpacking

Posted by Claire Galvin on January 31, 2013


So you're taking the hike this summer? Finally going on that backpacking trip that you have always dreamed about. We've compiled a list of some useful tips and tricks for your trip away. Whether you are inter railing around Europe or trekking across Asia, these are some golden rules to follow that will help you on your travels, and take some weight off your shoulders.

Travel Insurance

Firstly and certainly foremostly travel insurance is an absolute necessity. When backpacking there are so many incidents that one can encounter, so be sure to book that policy for extra security and peace of mind on your adventure. Going into a bag shop picking your backpack that will be your companion for a couple of months or even a year can be a daunting prospect.

We recommend choosing a backpack that not only you can carry on your back but one that has wheels and an extendable handle also. The versatility of these bags gives you different options for carrying it and when going through airports, shops, streets or buildings it can be nice to have the liberty to take weight from your shoulders and wheel luggage.

Packing your bag before you embark on your adventure takes a lot of time and consideration. It is very difficult to know what is essential and what you need to prioritise. Here's a quick list of some necessary items it is advised to pack in that sack. Considering you will get a chance to wash your clothes, we have put together a list of the advised amount of clothes you should bring, 2 or 3 t- shirts, 1 long sleeve polo, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 pair of jeans, swimwear, 1 fleece, 4 or 5 changes of underwear, boots, sandals, waterproof gear and a hat.

Remember to pack compactly in your bag to make the most out of your space. Other useful items to bring include a travel washing line, insect repellent, towels, cosmetics, an army knife and water bottles.

Instead of bringing numerous travel guides in the form of books it might be worthwhile investing in a low cost smartphone or tablet between the group travelling. This avoids unnecessary weight and there is a great range of travel apps available in the play store to download right now.

There's just a few useful tips and tricks to remember before you step foot on your backpacking adventure. Be vigilant and remember the most important tip to book a travel insurance policy before you take security when you take off.


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