Nostalgia Reborn? Why Many Flock to Celebration City, FL

Posted by Lisa Coleman on December 28, 2013


Kid-centric vacations don't have to dull the adult imagination, nor succumb to the "after-theme-park" cocktails that can easily help parents blow off a little steam when the sitter goes on duty. Celebration City, FL is a hidden gem located just minutes from Disney World and other theme park attractions, offering adult relaxation.

Nostalgia Reborn? Why Many Flock to Celebration City, FL
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The area secretly sweeps tourists off their feet when they stumble upon its quiet charm and tree-lined streets, hidden somewhat intentionally from West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway by what looks like sterile office park buildings and sweeping, manicured lawns. Once it is discovered, tourists and locals say that it resembles a Norman Rockwell painting, with its retro beauty. The community boasts activity to counteract the tourism malaise, making it pedestrian-friendly and inquisitively calming.

Safe and Secure

Some describe Celebration City as a kinder and gentler America where neighbors make time to visit other neighbors. The area also boasts a low crime rate and takes its residents back to a time of innocence. The community has a story book flare to it and provides nostalgic comfort to the pedestrians that navigate the area.

Unique Architecture

The primary stages of residential development started in 1996, and many employees of Disney are proud to make it their home today. The dwellings in the town are unique and have amazing features that include picket fences, pastel colors, clapboard exteriors and wide front porches that allow residents to view the comings and goings of the town and converse with their neighbors. This traditional southeastern-styled town is an extended version of Disney's Main Street and comes complete with a movie theater, a soda fountain shop and candy store.

Main Attractions

If you're looking for a clean and peaceful setting with a unique brand of shops, you won't want to miss Celebration, which is snuggled between Kissimmee and Orlando. Just off the beaten path, visitors will enjoy the change of pace when traversing throughout the community.

There are a vast array of restaurants and night clubs to suit most any palate and budget, and you're sure to find the rocking chairs by the lake nostalgic and relaxing. If you intend to enjoy a few drinks while on vacation in Orlando, FL and you want to intentionally steer clear of needing a DUI defense lawyer in Orlando, remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver, or another form of transportation from the vast array of such delectable restaurants and night clubs.

There are also a host of festivals and celebrations to attract tourists from all areas. From fruit markets, pie festivals and blocks of Halloween-decorated homes during Oktoberfest, to the Holiday Snow Celebration, Celebrity City has a number of things to see and do. Market Street is a traditional retail district with shops, restaurants and grocery stores.

Because it's compact in size, tourists can easily enjoy a pub crawl through the area, safely on foot. There is also an assortment of restaurants and eateries that include a 1950s themed diner and an award winning Italian restaurant. If you're looking for serenity, look no further than Town Center Lake at the heart of Celebration. Families can enjoy some relaxation and leisure time as they watch their children play.

Visitors to Celebration City, FL describe the area as a walk back in time where innocence and family were at the heart of a community. Those who choose not to turn off of W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in favor of the beauty of Town Lake Center, to instead try the fun restaurants and pubs in Downtown Disney. At Celebration, you're sure to enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

Lisa Coleman shares some of the charm and beauty that Florida holds in Celebration City. With so much activity, drinking and driving is bound to happen. She shares the importance of safety first, do not drink and drive. She recently read online on the website of a DUI defense lawyer in Orlando about the stiff penalties and fines that can accompany such a charge.

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