Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Your Website

Posted by Kenneth Parker on February 02, 2013


Creating a professional website calls for a certain degree of specialized skill and expertise. You might be a master at search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, but if your basic website designs have mistakes, chances of enjoying online success go down considerably. In this article, we will be acquainting readers with some of the main errors that are often committed while creating a website. Steer clear of them, and reach out to more focused buyers over the web:

Not being search-oriented

People seek information from your website, and they seek it quickly. It would be a major folly to not have a properly functioning 'search' box, on each of the pages of your website. Make sure that the search results generated are not dependant on the case-sensitivity of the queries of visitors.

Inconsistent use of text fonts

You use violet text in the top-section of a web page, switch over to green in the middle section, and finally wrap things up with words in flaming red color! Such a color scheme in your website design automatically reeks of amateurishness. Select a sober, easily-readable font color and size, and stick to it throughout the website. Do not use blinking or highlighted texts unnecessarily.

Automatic music and/or video files

You might feel that welcoming people on your website with some music is a good idea but the visitors might find it plain irritable. The same goes with automatic video playback systems. If you do intend to use such music and/or video on your website, visitors should at least have the option of switching it off, if they wish to.

Using too many images

Yes, lengthy paragraphs of text content is boring but that does not mean that you should convert your entire website into a picture gallery. Space images judiciously on the different pages of the website, which would complement the text content, and the overall web designs. Have a separate gallery section (if required). Never use images that are copyrighted to others.

Poor navigability

Unless visitors have the option of easily scouring all the sections of your website, they might not be able to get maximum advantage from the latter. Broken links can hamper user-experience further. Use simple, neat navigation options on your website, with the number of layered, drop-down menus reduced as much as possible. Don't forget to have a sitemap.

Using a strong sales pitch

Unless you have a dedicated ecommerce portal, adopting a strong promotional tone in your web content is not at all advisable. That might lower the credibility of your business operations, leading to higher bounce rates. Yes, you need more 'conversions' from your website, but it is an informative, interactive tone that visitors appreciate the most.

No contact information

Even if a visitor comes to your website and likes your products/services, how is (s)he going to order the same if you do not have your contact details present on your website? Place your registered office address, phone number(s) and email id(s) at easily viewable sections of the website. That would also help you in resolving customer queries more easily.

Not having a fluid design

Does your website look really smart on one particular browser, and the website designs appear all garbled up on another? If yes, it's time you increased the fluidity of your website design. Make sure that your website remains usable, whatever the nature, screen size and resolution of the device on which it is being viewed. Prepare a mobile-optimized version of the website as well.

Test multiple versions of the website, to select the one with maximum potentials for success. Probable bugs can also be ironed out in this manner. Avail of the services of a mobile app developer, who would be able to promote your website by coming up with smart, engaging apps for mobile users. Avoid the above mistakes while creating your website and ensure its popularity!

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