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Posted by Selina Gough on March 26, 2013


When looking for free resources for your website, there are many options such as open source tools that provide an incredible deal. If you just set up a hosting account, many of these options are already given to you right through the control panel and can be used right away.

Content Management Systems

Everything from WordPress to Drupal provide the customization options you likely want when it comes to your website. These content management systems can help you run your website without the knowledge of how to code and offer and range of options, such as page layout, deferred posting, and even comment boards. Out of all the resources available to webmasters, the most potent ones are often open source.

Word processing programs, to free website builders exist, and can give you the added boost you need when first starting out. Learning how to use these programs is simple, while they can give people using them options like integrated plug-ins to help run their website. Constant updating of these programs is a good idea if you wish to maintain security standards, so visitors of your website have the latest tools and resources available and can enjoy the content you have.

Website Plug-ins for a better Experience

Your success online is in part determined by the tools you use, and free ones such as plug-ins for your website help add additional functionality for people. Comment boards, and forum systems abound for those who wish to use them, and a smart developer will likely use them. If you do decide to implement these into the design of your website, you should understand how they work and read over any documentation provided with it. Knowing the various intricacies of your website and the visitors that come to creates a better experience, so learn everything you can.

Knowing what your visitors ultimately want though is the most important thing, so only use tools that will benefit them. If you run a website that sells something, using a live chat system can help increase conversion rates. For more interactive based online communities, a forum system such as PhpBB or Vbulletin can help the retention rate of people online. Other tools such as polls, and even live chat for the visitors can add the final touches you need. You should definitely consider all these options when building a website, for your benefit and that of your visitors.

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