Social Media, Seo and Advertising

Posted by Sam Jefferies on January 14, 2011


In years past, all advertising was done through a newspaper classified ad, a notice on the pegboard at your local grocery, commercials on television, and ads received in the mail. In the world of advertising, today you still have the television commercials, newspaper ads, and a new form of advertising called Social Media. Seeing those two words side by side just do not seem like they go together. When you break the words down social means meeting new people and having fun and media means some type of advertising. Putting that all together, it sounds as if social media means meeting people, having fun, and advertising. That does not sound like advertising, but it is.


Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Twitter Are They Time Wasters?

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on November 15, 2009


Lately I Am Addicted To twitter and Facebook.

I was trying to avoid these top social media sites because i knew if i get into them i'll be buried unknowingly. I was getting so many invites in my email to join them referred by my friends. Then i wanted to give it a go and joined them. Then i started to be involved with them more and more.

With the twitter i tried to gain some followers on the first few days then i totally stopped it. Then again after few months i became more involved and started to watch the followers list grow & grow and follow back them plus follow the ones suggested by twitter. So when i am writing this i am following 1280 twitterers and my followers counts 731. When it crossed 500 it felt so good and waiting to see how i'll feel when it crosses 1000 and thats not too far away if i am actively participating in the tweets.