Five Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site

Posted by Emily Miller on December 22, 2013


Everybody knows WordPress. It's used by bloggers, businesses, ecommerce companies, designers and site administrators to expand their online presence. It's an easy-to-use tool that gives site visitors a great experience, but that great experience hinges on having the necessary elements in place that will lead to building a dedicated audience. Thinking about the consumer first and then how to maintain ties to her is essentially how your WordPress strategy should be working. Here we'll examine the five crucial ways to improve your WordPress site and stay current on the latest developments.


11 Ways That Companies Fail at Using WordPress

Posted by Parker Ben on May 22, 2013


For any business to survive in this digital age, it needs a strong platform to build its foundation from. One of the best platforms to build your business on is word press. Below I have compiled a list of 11 ways that companies fail when using word press. Read on with me as I take you through the world of word press and how to effectively use it to promote your business.


Three Things You Probably Didn't Know How to do with WordPress

Posted by Aubrey Phelps on May 11, 2013


One of the benefits of WordPress is how easy it is to set up and customize, but this means you might never delve into some of the convenient features that are just a few clicks away.