11 Ways That Companies Fail at Using WordPress

Posted by Parker Ben on May 22, 2013


For any business to survive in this digital age, it needs a strong platform to build its foundation from. One of the best platforms to build your business on is word press. Below I have compiled a list of 11 ways that companies fail when using word press. Read on with me as I take you through the world of word press and how to effectively use it to promote your business.

11 Ways That Companies Fail at Using Word Press

Below are the ways in which most companies encounter while using the word press platform:

Setting permalinks incorrectly

Since word press is automatically search engine optimization friendly, not having strong keywords in your URLs makes the search engines rate your website lower than usual. To avoid this, make sure to use keywords in order to improve your search engine ranking.

Leaving the initial blog posts

If you haven't deleted the first hello world you put when setting up the website, then you are making a big mistake. This gives the impression that you are not using your website and this could hurt your potential traffic.

Ignoring comments

By not responding to comments, you are forgetting the goal of the website is to engage with audience hence your potential market.

Using only the default themes- using only the word press free themes could hurt your business in that clients and potential customers won't take you seriously. Upgrade and use an engaging theme even if it means purchasing one since later on it will give you a value for your money.

Having worthless content

Sorry for using that word, but using substandard content to promote your blog will soon discredit it. Make sure that your content is free of grammatical errors and at the same time having excellent sentence structure.

Not changing database prefix- hackers will have an easy way cracking your website if you fail to change your prefixes. Try to change the table names of your site so that hackers or third parties will not find it easy to hack your site and destroy the reputation of your company.

Failing to create custom keys

The private details of your website are stored in a directory known as wp.config.php hence the need to change the keys from the default ones to something not known to a third party.

Change the password

Make sure that you change your username and password from the usual 'admin' to something else. This is because hackers will first key in admin when cracking your site.

Not backing up there site

This is another mistake most companies do. Make sure to install word press plugins which will help you manage the back up for your website.
Failing to install word press security plugin- word press has provided this good plugin which checks the passwords and database security which ensures the security of your site.
Not installing a password protection plugin- the best security plugin is provided by Ask Apache and is good because it gives you control over all the blogs in your website hence ensuring your security.


The world over is using word press to implement strategies that will help there businesses grow since they have already noticed it's the best platform to built there online presence. If you haven't, the tips above will help you get the ideas to get started and enjoy the many benefits of using word press for your blogs.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Parker. He loves to write various aspects of SEO. He is evangelist at Agency Platform. They provide best private label seo services to their clients.

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