Cloud Computing: Changing the Game for Marketers

Posted by Emily Miller on July 01, 2013


The cloud is not just changing the IT industry, it's affecting a variety of fields, and marketing is no exception. It offers advantages in cost, dependable security and accessibility - regardless of device. As many businesses move to the cloud, industry experts are predicting that this is just the start and that in the years to come even more companies will utilize cloud operations, eschewing traditional server systems. Although originally the domain of smaller businesses, now even enterprise businesses are adopting cloud strategies.


How to Efficiently Manage Multiple Cloud Infrastructures

Posted by Andrea Walters on March 23, 2013


Information is power, everyone knows that. Companies big and small, enterprises established and fledgling, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions. It seems like every single entity produces information or is in the pursuit of it. This throws up an interesting question. Where does all the information get stored?


Will the Cloud Survive the Spotlight?

Posted by Brian Jensen on February 16, 2013


Cloud computing is a technology trend sweeping America. It first became popular about five years ago but it is predicted to really step into the North American spotlight during the next two years. The IDC recently predicted that cloud-based spending is expected to grow exponentially through 2016 to over 100 billion dollars (globally) and studies have found 45% of SMBs (with less than 250 employees) are already utilizing a minimum of one cloud service.