10 Content Ideas That Will Catch Readers Attention

Posted by Jason Smith on December 15, 2013


Content is king and distribution/readership is queen, especially on the internet.

Meaningless, ill-conceived, grammatically incorrect and plagiarized content will result in a catastrophic end. Visitors and readers will black-list that web entity forever not to mention the impact it will have on its parent or affiliated domains.


How Can Social Media Help Small Businesses to Grow?

Posted by Becca Johnson on April 01, 2013


As 2012 came to a close, there were more than one billion members on Facebook, nearly 500 million Twitter users, and approximately 200 million LinkedIn members. Developing an effective social media marketing strategy can allow small businesses to reach out and actively engage with prospective customers that they may not have been able to connect with using other marketing channels. Outlined below are several ways that social media can help small businesses to grow:


Which Social Media Tool Should Your Company Use?

Posted by Jason Smith on March 22, 2013


Beginning, small, medium, large, gigantic these days the size of an enterprise doesn't matter when it comes to the question whether or not they use social media for marketing purposes. Practically every single business owner out there can recognize the advantages that using social media marketing can bring to their company, and so over the last few years social networks have considerably developed to cater to those using them for money-making purposes. Seeing as how, at its core, social media is all about communication, connection and interaction between online users, it has become one of the best means of reaching potential customers wherever they may be, and so it is important that you choose the proper social media tool for your company to use and stay ahead of the game. Here's a brief guide in order to help you do that.