Twitter Alternatives to TweetDeck

Posted by Tanya Hansen on March 26, 2013


It would have come as a shock to many TweetDeck users when on Monday Twitter announced that it is going to roll back the application. But ever since Twitter purchased TweetDeck back in May 2011, the application never was the same, thanks to the extensive overhaul performed by Twitter.  On Monday it was officially announced that, TweetDeck for AIR, Android and iOS would not be available at the respective app. stores from May later this year.


5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Boost Engagement on Twitter

Posted by Brian Patterson on February 09, 2013


Calculating the return on investment of social media for business is still a challenge for many companies but that doesn't minimize the positive effect it can have on a brand. The exposure and virtual engagement that occurs across social media platforms is not only effective advertising - it's free!


Net Worth of Twitter

Posted by Gloria Philips on February 03, 2013


What Is Twitter?

Twitter proves to be the most popular social networking and micro blogging website to ever exist. It involves allowing its users to send and receive messages that are based on texts and can be of up to 140 characters. These messages are significantly known as "Tweets." It was launched officially in July, 2006 and instantly grabbed the attention of people all around the globe. Therefore, the website took no time for expanding worldwide and it was reported in 2012 that Twitter has over 500 million active users who generated a number of 340 million tweets per day and brining in the record of over 1.6 billion search queries every day from all across the world. Jack Dorsey was the owner and the young brain behind this whole Spectacle. Praises for this social network service include it being called the "SMS" of the internet due to its instant messaging benefit for users. Users who are unregistered can read the tweets but only the registered users are able to post tweets or reply to tweets. A wide range of apps are available for people who wish to use the social network website via their mobile phones.