Making the Most of Pay per Call Advertisement

Posted by Richie Richie on January 11, 2013


Setting aside advertisement budget is complicated and cumbersome process. More complicated is choosing right form of advertisement. Since the last decade, several ad models have sprung. Most popular ad model, however, is Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Action (CPA). Although the fore mentioned methods are popular Cost per Call or Pay per Call has gained more popularity.

What is Pay per Call?

I won't be dwelling on technical speech but shall rather simplify for laymen. Pay per Call ads display ads similar to other models. The only difference is Pay per Call displays phone number to viewers. This number is unique to every viewer. Therefore, whenever a viewer calls the number shown, it is tracked for lead generation and conversion.


Advertising in Applications

Posted by Christa Palm on May 01, 2011


As iPads and other tablets become more popular, internet advertisers are attempting to tap into the new marketing potential. From magazines to game applications, many companies are finding innovative ways to capture the attention of tablet users. Let's look at some ways companies are changing the face of advertising.

Traditional Advertising

Magazines with traditional advertising tactics of using edgy, attention-grabbing ads are still using similar ads in the new tablet issues. Initial research about magazine applications has found that readers expect to see advertisements in the tablet applications. In fact, many users look forward to perusing advertisements in print media and would be disappointed to find them missing in the magazines designed for tablets.


Internet Marketing: Video Sales Letters

Posted by Christa Palm on March 14, 2011


One of the newest internet marketing tools used to boost sales is the video sales letter. This techniques takes your business idea and presents it to the customer in a simple, easy to follow format that can include a voice over Powerpoint presentation, a home video, or a fully directed professional video. Although the format can be rather simple, the content should follow a few rules. Let 's look at some ideas for improving your internet sales letter.

Grab Customer's Attention

The most important aspect of the video sales letter is to deliver great, attention grabbing content. Even though the video is often easier for customers to follow, they still expect marketing excellence to even consider buying your product.