Advantages of Using 'Magento' for E-Commerce Websites

Posted by Andrea Walters on February 10, 2013


When you type 'Top E-commerce application', Magento will be one of the first to be pulled up by the search engine. Introduced in the year 2008, it is an open source e-commerce web application. It was soon preferred by online retailers and gained immense popularity in a short period of time. What makes this particular e-application so popular? Here are a few advantages of using Magento for E-Commerce websites:

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Multi-tasking functionalities:

The app allows the user to manage multiple stores through a single administration page. It offers several features that makes multi-tasking easy. It supports your business around-the-clock and helps you run it seven days a week with its useful accessibility features. When you can run your business 24 hours a day, it definitely helps boost the sales and in turn increase profits.

SEO Optimization:

Magento offers features which help in bringing more visibility to your site. It offers search engine optimization options which will bring your website higher rankings. Thus, when a user enters keywords relating to your business or website on his search engine, there is a high chance for your website to be pulled up in the first page. This in turn will bring more awareness to your website, which will increase the traffic flow. The traffic flow to your website increases the website's ranking. A store is considered reliable when it gets rankings in the first page

Smooth shopping experience:

It can offer the smoothest shopping layout for your customers. It provides one of the best user experiences by providing some of the most useful and cohesive features like the shopping cart. It allows the customers to add items to the cart and pay for everything in a single bill instead of buying them separately. Similarly, the applications provide some simple check-out options which you can choose to use for the website. For example, it offers a one page check-out option. This means a customer can buy a product without signing up. This is a huge benefit as there are so many e-commerce websites out there and people are becoming increasingly wary of signing onto all these websites.

The simple check-out options and useful features make your website extremely user-friendly. You get more people when you provide minimal navigation and simple steps to buy. This can be achieved through Magento.

Consistent reports:

The application sends frequent reports to the administration team after analyzing the overall layout of the store. The happenings in the store are brought to your notice or to the admin team you have in place. It offers reports on the products in demand, the pricing, slow moving stock, products that are going to be out of stock, reviews provided by the customers, etc. It also generates RSS feeds for you and the customers. This will give an idea on how to proceed with your online business. With the feedback, you can decide the future marketing strategy. The app helps in managing newsletters as well. It helps generate and send newsletters to your existing customers.

Plug-ins and add-ons:

Magento can support plug-ins and other add-ons. With these features, you can customize the website any way you want and change the design anytime. For example, you can change the layout or the design of the website during the festive season, which will help your customers get into the festive shopping spree. If you want to offer seasonal discounts and periodical sales, you can create separate pages or come up with new designs using the plug-ins.

The ultimate aim of an e-commerce website is to offer the best online user-experience and Magento helps you achieve just that. It is an open source application, which means, the app can be tweaked and improved when required. Use Magento to improve the traffic flow and ultimately, the sales of your E-commerce website.

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Magento ecommerce solution has become the most demanding open source platform of today's online retail store businesses since it provides a tremendous advantage. With Magento Ecommerce Platform, online store owners are being given the capability of handling multiple stores and facilitate a more systematized browsing of items for sale. Improved management of customer’s orders and having more developed promotional or advertising tools also comes possible with Magento Ecommerce.
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