Why thinking energy efficient can bring you several benefits

Posted by Joannie Canchola on March 10, 2013


Imagine a world without electricity, water, or any other essentials. If we do not switch to more energy efficient systems, the world would soon be left without any resources. So, what should you begin with in order to make a difference to the world?


3 methods to turn your blog comments into money

Posted by Nidhi geekworldnews on February 22, 2013


If you think about the best way to monetize your blog, most of your attention is generally focused on two specific things:

  • Your blog posts, where you engage with readers and perhaps promote offers occasionally.
  • The space surrounding these kinds of posts (such as the sidebar, footer and header), the spot where you place ad banners and text ads.


Turning Trash to Treasure in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Gila Cohen on February 13, 2013


Whether they will admit it or not, everybody has a little bit of dumpster diver in them. This is not to say that people like digging through refuse heaps for scraps of food and half-empty vodka bottles, but rather that they have an interest in salvaging items that others no longer want but that can presumably be turned into useful and attractive things with the right attitude and a little bit of elbow grease. Just as a skinny kitten rescued from the alley or a Charlie Brown Christmas tree calls out to us, so does the abandoned stuff of others cry out to us for rescue and revivification.