Why thinking energy efficient can bring you several benefits

Posted by Joannie Canchola on March 10, 2013


Imagine a world without electricity, water, or any other essentials. If we do not switch to more energy efficient systems, the world would soon be left without any resources. So, what should you begin with in order to make a difference to the world?

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The older buildings and energy solutions that are not already environmentally savvy consume a huge chunk of the global energy resources and result in fatal carbon emissions that further trigger health problems, energy loss and more. Making the older buildings and infrastructure more energy efficient is the need of the hour. So, why and how can we make the various architectural and infrastructure systems low energy while constructing sustainable architectural structures?


While a building may use halogen lights that consume more energy and result in astronomically high energy bills, it is necessary to switch to more eco-friendly lighting systems such as the Kreon Mini or Kreon Up. US President Obama has in fact come up with a new program called the "Better Buildings Initiative" to ensure that architects and builders incorporate more sustainable development practices while constructing commercial buildings.


Using inexpensive building material that are still energy efficient to construct edifices as compared to constructing buildings with less energy efficiency can help prevent the environment from damage. Similar initiatives that were successful were in the cities of Nairobi and Ouagadougou followed by many other cities hoping for sustainable development.

Low maintenance:

Energy efficient lighting systems such as Kreon Mini and Kreon Up and housing systems that are environmentally friendly do not require high maintenance.

Enhances the quality of life:

When you switch over to energy efficient systems, you need to make very few changes to your lifestyle due to their durability and low energy consumption levels. You need not dispose the items in your house that you need the most or make major changes to your household when you use energy efficient lighting

systems and complexes.

Increases national security:

Nothing would perform as well as energy efficient lighting and housing systems to increase the security of the homeland. Energy efficient systems decrease the overall energy consumption and the demand for energy, thereby reducing the imports of fossil fuels and other essential resources.

It may take years and even decades to make our world sustainable, but small steps toward sustainable living can go a long way in the future.

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