Medical Malpractice Concerns: What Questions Should You Ask?

Posted by Nadine Swayne on January 19, 2014


Medical malpractice is legally defined as occurring when a medical professional "misdiagnoses or fails to diagnose a medical condition, provides incorrect or fails to provide treatment for an ailment in appropriate time, or makes mistakes while performing a medical procedure." Additionally, in some states, medical malpractice also includes failing to gain informed consent from the patient for treatment, or failing to provide adequate information about treatment that leads to harm.


Say Goodbye to Fats with The Help of Best Fat Burning Workouts

Posted by Julian Hooks on December 29, 2013


While a daily dose of exercise is necessary in order to stay fit and healthy, and to get that dream body that everyone strives for, most of us don't have the time to spend long hours at a gym, which is a common excuse, especially for working individuals.

Fortunately, there exists several indoor workout routines that anyone can try, even in the comfort of their own home. Doing these simple exercise routines everyday helps anyone stay fit, and achieve that slim, healthy, and muscular body.


Assisted Living: A Positive Choice for the Health and Lives of Seniors

Posted by Lisa Coleman on October 07, 2013


Assisted living communities are similar to that of a senior's residence. In addition to providing a comfortable and homey environment, a senior can feel secure knowing that in cases of an emergency, they will have the highest level of care at the ready. It also allows them to stay socially active with individuals who are similar in age.