Essential Resources for Web Design

Posted by Selina Gough on March 26, 2013


When looking for free resources for your website, there are many options such as open source tools that provide an incredible deal. If you just set up a hosting account, many of these options are already given to you right through the control panel and can be used right away.


5 UI Changes to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Posted by Pooja Ray on January 17, 2013


Wondering why your conversion rates are dropping?

Website owners spend a lot of money to draw traffic to their sites but even though spend a lot of money on marketing they don't get desired sales and revenues. Are stuck in the same situation where you can't meet your revenue targets and not sure where your targeted audiences is vanishing? Well the reason is simple they are not converting or in other words they are abandoning the website even after they found what they were looking for. Hence, your conversion rate is dropping, because while you were concentrating on increasing your traffic you didn't pay much attention to converting the traffic into buyers. And surprisingly, there are very simple changes that you can make to alter this situation at minimal expense.

Here are 5 UI changes you can make to increase your ecommerce conversion rates:


Tips To Follow While Launching A Brand New Website

Posted by John Smith on January 15, 2013


Are you still clinging on to the age-old belief that, as long as your products/services are of optimal quality, you need not bother trying to actively reach out to potential customers in the online space? If yes, your dreams of earning handsome profits will remain just that - a distant dream! The volume of people with easy internet access is escalating at an astonishing pace, and you simply cannot afford to ignore the utilities of a fast, informative and appealing website. You need to make sure that the website design pattern you select enhances the overall usability features for visitors. In order to prepare an effective website, these are the tips that you need to follow: