Tips To Follow While Launching A Brand New Website

Posted by John Smith on January 15, 2013


Are you still clinging on to the age-old belief that, as long as your products/services are of optimal quality, you need not bother trying to actively reach out to potential customers in the online space? If yes, your dreams of earning handsome profits will remain just that - a distant dream! The volume of people with easy internet access is escalating at an astonishing pace, and you simply cannot afford to ignore the utilities of a fast, informative and appealing website. You need to make sure that the website design pattern you select enhances the overall usability features for visitors. In order to prepare an effective website, these are the tips that you need to follow:

Find out more about the customers you wish to target

It is of essence that you have a clear idea about the type of visitors who will be primarily visiting your website. For example, if you wish to prepare a website on advanced IT tools and applications, you can include some snazzy, intricate applications. For general internet shoppers, on the other hand, choosing a simpler, clutter-free layout is advisable.

Take a decision on the type of website you wish to launch

Before deciding on any specific website design template, you need to be sure about the type of website you want to have. If you wish to sell things over the web, having a fast and reliable ecommerce website is essential. You can, alternatively, create a blog, or a general website to generate awareness about your business.

Hire a professional web designer

Unless you are really experienced in the field of web designing, trying to create a new website on your own is not a good idea. Thankfully, there is no dearth of expert website designers in practically any city. Find out more about the local website design service providers, and select the one whose price estimates and service profiles meet your precise requirements. Make sure that the designer you hire is conversant with the latest CSS stylesheets, FTP systems, HTML coding, and other technical aspects.

Publish content of the finest quality

Why should anyone want to visit your website? That's right, to get certain specific information about your line of business and your offerings. Include informative, lucid content in your website, and maintain a user-centric tone while addressing visitors. Update the content regularly, to bring a dynamic feel to your website.

Include pictures and videos

It would be a folly to consider that plain text is the only form of content that you can use on your website. In fact, in order to boost up the overall attractiveness of the website, strategic positioning of relevant and intriguing images is an absolute must. You can also include instructional or demonstrative videos in your web pages, as suitable.

Consider the loading time of your website

Find out whether your website is taking an inordinately long time to load. If yes, you are likely to experience a high bounce rate - which is never a good thing. Avoid using too many animation content and flash files, which can slow down your website. On the online space, people look for quick information - and are not willing to check out your coding wizardry!

Ensure easy navigability

Visitors should never face any difficulty in finding the information they are seeking on your website. Arrange all the tabs and links on the web pages in a systematic, easily clickable manner. Have a properly functional 'search box' as well. Do not forget to include a sitemap too.

You should test multiple versions of your new website, with subtle changes in the website design. Once you determine which version is working the best, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics need to be adopted, to promote the website. Prepare and promote a fast and informative website, connect it to the social media channels, and reach out to a larger number of buyers in the online space.

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