10 Online Games To Help Office Productivity

Posted by Alex Morris on May 01, 2013


Procrastination in the workplace is a common problem for many businesses. Employees should endeavour to make any time spent away from work mentally stimulating. So, if you are an employer, encouraging your staff relax and unwind during the day could ultimately help office productivity - the lunch break is an obvious opportunity, but workers should also have 10 minute breaks every hour. Using technology as a stress release tool would make a major change to the standard thoughts of computers equalling work.


PC Games that Support Force Feedback

Posted by Michael Clark on March 26, 2013


Gone are the days when you only had computer games that appealed to only your sense of sight and sound. Yes, with haptic technology or what is otherwise known as haptics the sense of touch is being added to virtual reality systems. But what exactly is haptic technology?


How to Be an Ace in Solving Puzzle Games

Posted by Bogdan G on February 09, 2013


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Human beings are endowed with various skills and abilities - some of them write novels, others draw and paint exquisite works of art. There is also the third kind of people who deal very well with mathematical formulae. According to the contemporary psychological theories, people have different types of intelligence. The third type of human beings' abilities is called logical-mathematical intelligence: using abstract symbols, drawing logical inferences (deduction, induction, analogy, hypothesis), formulating precise definitions, ability to detect and solve problem situations. For instance, Sherlock Holmes who uncovers some crime, a student who does maths equations, the intelligence officer who attempts to thwart someone's plot to political assassination, etc., equally belong to this type.