Is Google Adwords guilty of racial profiling?

Posted by Ravi Gupta on December 15, 2013


Recently it is in the news that Google adwords found guilty of racial profiling. Google adwords is an online advertising wing of google family which gives you results in the form of service providers on the basis of suggested keywords. When someone type keywords on the google search engine it suggests some ads related with the keywords just below the search engine and also right and left vertically in the form of advertisements.


Using Stumbleupon Paid Discovery To Boost Your Blog Post

Posted by Jason Smith on April 07, 2013


Regardless of where and how you start your business, you can bet your livelihood that if you are serious about it, at some point or another you will have to start using paid advertisements. While it is true that you can achieve a lot by dishing out high-quality articles and properly optimizing all of your content, there comes a time when your business needs a bit of an extra boost, and the StumbleUpon Paid Discovery feature can help you with that.


Making the Most of Pay per Call Advertisement

Posted by Richie Richie on January 11, 2013


Setting aside advertisement budget is complicated and cumbersome process. More complicated is choosing right form of advertisement. Since the last decade, several ad models have sprung. Most popular ad model, however, is Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Action (CPA). Although the fore mentioned methods are popular Cost per Call or Pay per Call has gained more popularity.

What is Pay per Call?

I won't be dwelling on technical speech but shall rather simplify for laymen. Pay per Call ads display ads similar to other models. The only difference is Pay per Call displays phone number to viewers. This number is unique to every viewer. Therefore, whenever a viewer calls the number shown, it is tracked for lead generation and conversion.