How Guest Blogging Can Increase Your SEO

Posted by Korah Morrison on March 22, 2013


This article explains a few basic facts such as what blogs are, what SEO is, and how it affects your ranking with search engines. Do not think of SEO as a mammoth concept that you need to understand in full. An ice dancer does not need to understand the particle physics involved with ice in order to skate on it, and you do not need to fully understand SEO in order to increase your search engine ranking with guest blogging.


My Experience with CodeIgniter

Posted by Seth Bryant on April 15, 2011


CodeIgniter is not just a web development app, it is a powerful PHP-based framework designed for PHP coders seeking simple yet effective toolkit that can inspire them to develop full-featured web applications. Developers like me live in the real world. We need to deal with all of the hassles of shared hosting accounts and clients with short deadlines. We don't need to hassle around with inadequate and mediocre development tools hampered by poorly-designed user interfaces and thin documentation. CodeIgniter solves these problems so I can focus on other, more pressing issues.