How to Prevent Divorce Before Marriage

Posted by Lisa Coleman on March 06, 2014


Entering into a marriage will be one of the most emotionally charged events of your life. You will be filled with love, fear, happiness, and overwhelming joy. While it is normal to acknowledge that these emotions may tone down a little as time passes in a marriage, it is also easy to say that you can keep all of these positive feelings in your marriage for life with a little pre-planning.

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Pre-planning? Yes, people need to look at their marriage as an adventure, and as with any adventure, you need to make plans so that you can make it great. Here are a few tips to be aware of, before entering any marriage:

Understand the Others Goals

An Orlando divorce attorney says that 'divorce is an emotional experience, to say the least, and getting the two parties to agree is already difficult.' Many couples assume that they know what their partner wants from life, from their careers, and from their partners. But the truth is, it is usually only a guess or what thy personally desire. It is very important that couples talk openly about their goals in life and what they expect from themselves and their partners.

Talk about Family Planning

You should establish before marriage if you are going to start a family, when you will start a family and the size of your family. Again, it is very easy to assume what the other person wants because we see ourselves in our partners. However, this subject should be approached so both partners are in agreement.

Discuss Boundaries When Upset

It may sound silly, but you should establish rules for your arguments and agree to the terms. For instance, you may want to establish that name calling is forbidden, or that if a person is too angry to be rational that you set a timer and sit in separate rooms for thirty minutes until you both settle down. It may sound silly, but setting rule for arguments helps married couples stay within certain boundaries when arguing and when both parties play by the rules the argument ends faster.

Establish a Support System

This is very important for all couples, but more necessary for those who are separated for long periods of time such as those serving in the Military. You need to establish a support system to help you through extended periods apart so that both parties to the marriage can feel secure when they are separated.

Agree On a Date Night

Establish a night once a week, bi-weekly or monthly if necessary, that both of you will set everything else aside and go out and enjoy being together. Go out to a special restaurant, a movie, or for a long drive. It is very important to establish a time that both of you honor to devote solely to being in love. Many marriages collapse because they become routine.

The most important thing you can remember is that marriages take work from both parties. It does not matter if you have been married for a week or twenty five years, it will always need to be nurtured and cared for and treated as something special.

Lisa Coleman is a wife who understands that honest communication is key in keeping marriages and other relationships strong and long-lasting. She used information from friends who have undergone divorce, as well an Orlando divorce attorney in order to contribute this article.

Samantha Wilson posted on - Monday 27th of June 2016 01:36:28 AM

Thanks for the tips, Lisa! They are indeed very worthy. When I dated Nick, we didn't plan anything. And that's what made up part for the first time. Yet, we reconciled in 6 weeks or so. After such an experience, I had to think twice before placing boundaries between us.
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