Making the Most of Pay per Call Advertisement

Posted by Richie Richie on January 11, 2013


Setting aside advertisement budget is complicated and cumbersome process. More complicated is choosing right form of advertisement. Since the last decade, several ad models have sprung. Most popular ad model, however, is Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Action (CPA). Although the fore mentioned methods are popular Cost per Call or Pay per Call has gained more popularity.

What is Pay per Call?

I won't be dwelling on technical speech but shall rather simplify for laymen. Pay per Call ads display ads similar to other models. The only difference is Pay per Call displays phone number to viewers. This number is unique to every viewer. Therefore, whenever a viewer calls the number shown, it is tracked for lead generation and conversion.

Why is it best for businesses?

Okay, first, calls are made only when the customer is interested. Moreover, there is no possibility of missing the chance to sell as real time conversation takes place between buyer and seller. Obviously, odds to market and sell turns higher. Apart from that, it is possible for a customer to be distracted upon visiting the landing page. Fortunately, no landing page is required for this advertisement model. All a business has to do is convert calls received. Evidently, it eliminates other unnecessary facts like worrying about customizing landing pages and ads. In this model, there is just receiving call and converting the leads generated and nothing more.

What is the cost involved?

Cost of Pay per call marketing varies widely. It all depends on your competition. It is similar to bidding for CPC ads. Google is still a pioneer in Pay per Call advertising. Apart from Google, there are other networks too. Google charges between $1 and $250. Cost varies depending on competition.

We have understood basic structure of pay per advertising. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other networks.

Disadvantages of other ad types on Pay Per Call

  1. If you have purchased CPC ads, you would have noticed that there are very few conversions or lead generation.
  2. Fraudulent clicks are common picture with CPC ads
  3. CPA ads are effective in combating CPC fraudulent but are not effective in terms of lead generation and very low ROI. CPA ads have high budget and work in places that is highly relevant to the theme.
  4. People do not purchase things right away. They ardently do their research and finally make a decision which takes anywhere between a day to 30 days hence the use of cookies.
  5. People tend to avoid ads naturally. It has been estimated that most users subconsciously avoid ads or use ad blockers

Advantages of Pay per Call over other ad types

  1. Consider a user has called the number and inquired. Later, he waits for few days and calls the same number. You are charged only for the first call and thereafter all other calls are charge free.
  2. 85% of people in the US shop using mobile and tablets. People browsing on these devices get annoyed and therefore appreciate calling a number rather than fidgeting with small page.
  3. Let us face the fact, everyone hates reading loads of pages. Ever wondered making decision with just a single call: isn't it wonderful? I bet you understood the importance of Pay per Call

There are much more advantages than just three but these should suffice to make decision in Pay Per Call as your next advertisement model.

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