10 Content Ideas That Will Catch Readers Attention

Posted by Jason Smith on December 15, 2013


Content is king and distribution/readership is queen, especially on the internet.

Meaningless, ill-conceived, grammatically incorrect and plagiarized content will result in a catastrophic end. Visitors and readers will black-list that web entity forever not to mention the impact it will have on its parent or affiliated domains.

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Content therefore needs to be original, well written, compelling and drive home the point quickly and without dramatising. Literary substance is extremely diversified. However, most of the content or written matter falls under the following categories.

1. Informative content - Products, Applications, Services, Internet, Stock Market all form core subjects of this category.

2. Research & Education - Typically, degree courses, PhD, technical, analytical & clinical content, literature etc.

3. Media and entertainment - One of the booming categories which sports subjects like advertising, marketing, films, music and a gamut of associated  disciplines.

There might be other content "families" but the above three cover most of the popular, persuasive and interesting subjects.  Now, coming back to the earlier question; how does one create content that will grab readers focus?

Here are 10 content ideas that will catch reader's attention

#1 Subject and originality

It goes without saying that an original article/blog will surely fetch large number of eyeballs. While writing, make sure you use a unique style and voice which becomes synonymous with you over a period of time. Make your writing simple and easy to understand. There is no need to use hard to understand words or terms. It simply defeats the purpose.

Create a unique subject heading. Be honest while writing. It will add a touch of authenticity to your words.  Your content should be topic centric. It simply means don't waver from the theme.

#2 Get to the point

While writing content, make sure you don't go overboard with information. Make your content succinct and get to the core in few words.

Readers want answer. They are not interested in knowing about your point of view on a sensitive social issue or how you managed to finish your article in spite of a computer breakdown.

Avoid slang or informal language, especially if your content is demographic targeted.

Offer supporting proof in the form of data. It proves your content has been well researched. In short your content should be brief, well researched and free from cumbersome terms. It simply adds a touch of professionalism.

#3 Style and White space

Look at this article. The content is broken down into small chunks with ample white space.  It allows readers to skim and stop at appropriate places. Build your content as if it was a tutorial, offering an insight into the subject. Sprinkle with small doses of humour and advice. Use quotes to highlight a paragraph. It is a proven fact that quotes turn readers thoughtful. Leverage from this fact and get more views.

#4 Aggregation

Now this may seem like a controversial tip. While building aggregated content, you simply squeeze out the highlights from various sources and create a consolidated work. The idea is not to plagiarize but simply gather diversified "thoughts" under one umbrella. The idea is to tap several resources and offer aggregated content in one place, in your own words and style. Organised content can be presented in list form to make it reader friendly.  

#5 Use of multi-media

If a picture speaks a thousand words then a video speaks a whole book. Use images, videos, slide shows, if your content permits, to make an impact on readers instantly. An image and few written words form a lethal combination to drive home a point. So use multimedia elements whenever, wherever possible to make your work compelling, intuitive and self explanatory.

Videos on the other hand are in the league of their own. Creating videos these days is easy. Film the entire marketing content with all the frills such as script and music or simply capture screen shots and rearrange it into a video format. Long ago this form of multimedia was a hassle in terms of bandwidth, but today, it can be played on YouTube effortlessly across the world and platforms.

#6 Device Compatibility

The content that you create must be flexible. In other words it should be readable across various devices and platforms. Your audience should never feel lost even on a small gadget such as a smart phone.

#7 Podcast

Podcast's might have lost some of its sheen but don't forget it still commands a lost of respect. So offer a Podcast version and grab the attention of Podcast lovers. You won't regret. It's a promise. On the other hand if you have Podcast, say a series which you had developed for pregnant women, now is the time to convert it into a blog or web content. Many pregnant women would love to read your tips on the subject instead of plugging earphone and listening.

#8 Ebooks

By converting your content into eBooks you are not only drawing interest, attention but multiplying your readership. The reason is because eBook readers are a rave today. People love to download them on their device and read at their leisure; by the sea side, in a Coffee Shoppe or even while travelling. Grab this opportunity and see the jump in the number of followers and the popularity of your content.

#9 Format Conversion

If your transcription, whether it is targeted at legal, medical or research fraternity is lying around, catching dust, now is the time to convert it into written content to reach out to a larger audience. In case you have a video for online marketing professionals simply hire transcription services and offer the same in well formatted web content.

#10 Consistency

Once you have built a large number of dedicated followers, feed them regularly with interesting content, consistently and if possible in a scheduled manner. Exploit evergreen subjects if you run out of topics. Browse social and business networking sites for content reference and subject motivation. Offer RSS feed, although it is losing out on the popularity front.

Above all, do not lose focus while creating content.  Before you type in your first word ask yourself. Is the content being written for SEO or simply to generate readership numbers or engage visitors with your product or service on a social media platform? The final goal will play an important role on how your content shapes up.

Author Bio: Jason Smith is an online marketing strategist for Mosquito Magnet who provide effective solutions for mosquito control .He likes to blog about recent updates and tricks to boost business through digital marketing.

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