3D Modeling and Animation Process

Posted by Michael Vk on December 28, 2012


3D Modeling plays a vital role in any 3D animation series. It is a process of generating a 3D character with real life like features. The development of a 3D model can be specified with the help of few steps.

3d modeling

Making of a 3D model

- To create a 3D model is not just a technical process alone, it includes various other factors. Upon expertizing with the 3D modeling principles, it will be easier for the animator to build a 3d model. Moreover, the 3D animator also needs a good knowledge of animation software to create a good model.

Defining the 3D character

- It is always important to make unique and specific 3D models. Based on the 3D background and environment created, the artist can create unique characters and 3D models. It is also important to understand that the animator needs to blend the character with the 3D environment created. The concept and the idea are as important as the character itself.

Designing the animated scene and character

- The design suggested gives life and a personality to the 3D character. Whether the character is big or small, it needs to blend in with the animation scene and background. The animator needs to create multiple images or models of the character from different perspectives and angles.

Starting with 3D model

- The 3D model is mostly given a rough version in the beginning and it begins with a cube. This step is mostly known as Blocking. The frontal and the side view are much important in this step. The model needs to be designed simple and later add details to the model to give it a unique look. There is yet another approach to the 3D modeling technique, in which detailing is done on a specific body part of the character. Similarly, the detailing is done to the other body parts until the character is done completely. The interconnection to various body parts is a challenging job. Once the model is done, the animator needs to provide color and texture to it.

Shaders and Textures give a natural look to the character

- The Shader can give the model uniqueness as well as a transparency. With the help of various 3D software, the animator can provide unique texture, color, and a real life like feature. By adding appropriate features, an artist can create a character. 

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