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Posted by Christa Palm on December 12, 2010


In the internet marketing world, affiliate marketing is the collection of techniques used to drive business from one website to another. The particular techniques used in this type of marketing can include reward sites, review sites, search engine optimization (SEO) articles, e-mail marketing, and display marketing. Let's take a closer look at affiliate marketing.

How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is a rather simple concept. The marketer, also known as the publisher, seeks an affiliate, also known as a merchant, to promote, makes a partnership, and starts a website that markets the merchant's business or product. Once the publisher's website begins drawing business to the merchant, the publisher makes money, usually on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, and the merchant draws in more business.

How Do I Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Basically, all a publisher needs is a site, hosting, and some fresh news feed (like blogs, SEO articles or reviews). Professional website design and fresh promotions are key, because they will increase the Google rating over time and increase the publisher's profits. So, once you set up a professional-looking website with your affiliate link, you have to spend time every day writing and/or updating your website.

If you do not like writing or lack marketing writing skills, you can hire a freelance writer on sites like or However, you will still have to update the site frequently with the new SEO articles, blogs, or review and maintain your site regularly.

Where Do I Find Merchants That I Can Market?

Affiliate marketing has become such a popular advertising tool that affiliate marketing networks now exist, like, to guide you to businesses seeking promotion. Other sites and physical businesses exist to guide you to the best affiliate match for your marketing career goals. We have not yet reviewed any of these sites, so use caution in your search.

To search, just Google "affiliate marketing networks" or "internet marketing companies." These terms will bring you hundreds of networks from which you may choose. However, if you prefer to work with local internet businesses that have a physical storefront, you can Google search the same terms with your location. Since you can sit down and chat with the employees of local internet marketing businesses, discussing your goal to become a marketer in person may help them match you and your interests better to a merchant.

How Do Merchants Find Publishers?

The same is true for merchants seeking professional publishers. You can seek the assistance of to match you with a publisher, or you may search for other affiliate management agencies. Again, be cautious in your search, and look forward to upcoming reviews on our site.

Affiliate marketing can be a great match for you as an entrepreneur or for your business in your search of lucrative marketing opportunities. Considering affiliate marketing in your internet advertising goals can be a great investment.

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