Successful Advertising Promotes Businesses Globally

Posted by Sam Jefferies on December 23, 2010


Large retail corporations have the advantage of having funds available to advertise nationally and internationally through media such as television, radio, and street signs and banners. The cost of this type of advertising can easily reach into the millions on a monthly basis. It begins to seem like an unfair advantage to smaller businesses with a focus on good products and superior customer service that do not have the benefits of having access to such abundant corporate funds for advertising. The primary goal of any business selling a product or a service is to become known to potential customers in a way that will encourage the people to purchase their product or services. No matter how good the service may be or how unique and brilliant the product may be, without the public aware of it, the business will never be successful.

The Internet has helped to level the playing field in the area of advertising for all businesses. With the development of globally-used search engines and social media, small businesses now can gain a foothold and an advantage in advertising which they would not have otherwise had available. SEO content has improved Google page rank for small to mid-sized businesses. Many companies are still in the dark as to what Search Engine Optimization actually means. They see it online and hear it tossed around, but still have little clue as to what this can actually do for their businesses.

SEO basically means strategically-placed articles with a certain amount of keyword density placed on the company's website. If the company is a furniture business and sells sofas, the company would be utilizing SEO content by putting articles on their website which include the keyword "sofa" in them. If the company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, for example, the more articles the business has on its website with the phrase "best place to find sofas in Atlanta, Georgia," anyone who is looking for a sofa in Atlanta who uses the Internet to shop will see that company near the top of the Google page rank.

It is imperative for a company to have a website if it desires to be able to market to potential shoppers other than people who may just drive by the store or rely on word of mouth. Once the website is designed, the company can take its advertising to the next level by putting in text link advertising. This text link is simply putting in links which will direct the customers or browsers to another website. This website may be a specialty website for a company. As another example, if the furniture store company sells a certain brand of sofas, it may include a text link to direct potential customers to the specific sites of brands they sell, or to a site which will include accessory items to the main purchase.

Text link advertising is also a great way to use business networking to develop a greater amount of followers and customers. If a company sells kitchen counters, it may have a text link partnership with a company in the same industry but one who is not a competitor. A kitchen counter company can benefit by providing a link to a contractor who installs kitchen counters, or perhaps a link to a company who specializes in kitchen cabinets. These companies, in turn, can provide a text link to your company as an agreement in advertising service.

For small businesses or medium-sized business to become successful and grow in today's age of technology, they must embrace the rapidly-advancing technology of the Internet. The Internet may seem intimidating to someone who is unfamiliar but this is an obstacle that can be overcome by performing search engine guidance or by taking a local class on Internet fundamentals. Business blogs are a great way of reaching out to potential customers and allowing the public an opportunity to relate to you as a person, and not just a business. The more a potential customer relates to you as a person and less as a business, the more they are apt to be converted to buyers. People trust people as opposed to computerized graphics and voice recordings.

A company can use SEO content to create more traffic to their website. This traffic is stimulated from the fact that keyword optimization is targeted at certain words browsers or shoppers will be searching for on search engines such as Google. Improving Google page rank is improving the amount of traffic and potential buyers a company will receive. Once the potential buyers have logged onto the site, they then can take advantage of the text link advertising which will induce more information about the company or the company's affiliates. Millions of business all over the world have found these methods of advertising on the Internet to be cost-friendly and successful in the areas of increased sales and company development.

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