The Basics And Benefits Of Facebook Advertising

Posted by Christa Palm on January 19, 2011


Advertising on the world's largest and most powerful social networking site is one of the most promising and straightforward avenues ever created. Advertisers can target a particular audience or demographic with just a few clicks of the mouse, and their campaign can be live and online within hours. With an impressive price structure that rivals other online powerhouses such as Google's Adwords, Facebook advertising can help companies reach people like never before.

Facebook has nearly 500,000,000 registered users, and the vast majority of them have profiles which contain a wealth of information that can be used for advertising purposes. This reality is starting to set in with companies as they discover how easy it is to focus their advertising on potential consumers that fit the demographic they are trying to reach. Ads can also be modified at any time to reach different users as well. This is one of the most powerful and important platforms ever created, and Facebook is transforming how people interact, communicate and shop.

While there are no guarantees that Facebook advertising will work for everyone, the elements are there which can contribute the success of any offer or campaign. Because ads can be targeted to reach members with particular interests, likes and hobbies, it is easy to focus resources directly towards those who will be most receptive. This is a far cry from radio or television advertising which focuses on the viewing and listening habits of audience members. While this is a targeted approach which has proven to be beneficial to some degree, it does not come close to the specific reach that Facebook offers.

There are many legitimate companies which provide testimonials on Facebook regarding the success many of their campaigns have enjoyed. From travel and tourism to education and professional services, Facebook advertising is proving to be a very important marketing tool that almost any business can benefit from using.

Online advertising has historically relied on search engines and marketing websites to score high on listed search results. The success of this method depends on people searching for a particular product or service, and it has proven to be a lucrative approach for many businesses. However, Facebook allows companies to approach advertising from a different perspective, and being able to reach relevant users in real time is one of the reasons Facebook advertising is so effective.

This is especially true when comparing Facebook with Google Adwords. Google uses intelligent advertising to place ads on search results and some websites that users are viewing that are relevant to that particular website. Considered to be highly effective and a good way to direct advertising dollars in a focused direction, it does not provide the reach that Facebook advertising can offer. In fact, prices are considered to be similar, and Facebook is quickly proving to be a preferred platform to advertise from.

Another strength that Facebook provides for both users as well as advertisers is their controls on what is considered acceptable or not. In fact, there are a host of guidelines and limitations that advertisers must adhere to in order to be able to feature their products or services on the site. Spam, pornography, hateful material, gambling and a host of illegal and unethical products and services are explicitly prohibited. Some argue that this amounts to censorship, however Facebook is designed to be a safe and friendly site and they go to great lengths to maintain integrity while protecting their image and reputation.

That being said, only legitimate businesses with non malicious intentions will be allowed to advertise on the site. Industries which are not considered to be shady or immoral benefit from these limitations because users can click on ads with confidence, knowing they will not be misdirected or misled. Facebook's main goal is to make sure their users are happy, and that the network remains a comfortable and enjoyable experience. If ads generate complaints or negative comments from users, they will be reviewed and potentially banned, and there is also a review process in place before an ad will be published.

Another safeguard that Facebook has is that ads must be relevant to their message, and they need to link directly to websites related to the ad. This keeps deceptive practices to a minimum while creating a friendly and safe platform for users and businesses to share. Adhering to these guidelines is a benefit for both members and businesses because of the confidence it generates between both parties.

Facebook is primarily a social networking site, however they do get much of their revenue from advertising, and they strike a healthy balance between both. Advertising on Facebook is a highly effective and money saving way to reach an international audience, and the benefits can be almost instantaneous. They have a simple and straight forward interface that is easy to use in addition to a live support staff that can help create an effective campaign. Almost any business can benefit from Facebook advertising, and it is a powerful resource to take advantage of.

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