Ideas On Using Twitter For Business And Marketing

Posted by Sam Jefferies on January 29, 2011


Anyone can use Twitter to get their product or brand advertised, and it hardly costs a penny. Here are a few ideas on using Twitter for business and marketing purposes.

If you are looking for ideas on using Twitter for business and marketing purposes, remember that it is a social communication platform, and this will require you to be active on the service. Since most people tweet in real time, placing your product or service continually in appropriate places and formats will help to reach the intended audience without being intrusive or annoying.

One of the best ways is to integrate your blog, videos and website with your Twitter account, and invite your members, users or those on your mailing list to join your network. This gives you an immediate base of existing customers as well as a way to generate more traffic overall. Most ideas on using Twitter for business and marketing purposes require hands on additions, postings and tweets that will keep your name in circulation in real time as people are logged in and live.

Aside from having a network to start with and linking your various internet based media sites together, another trick is to post frequently and consistently. Remember that social media is basically an ongoing conversation, and the more you speak and listen, the more your audience and network will grow. Using Twitter for business and marketing means reaching out and communicating with people on a regular basis.

Additionally, having frequent updates that are interesting and catchy can start to increase your following and expand your reach. Try to keep things positive and welcoming so that users will be more inclined to follow you as well as your product or brand. Updates keep you part of the conversation while inviting others to join in. The more time that you spend online contributing, the more people you will reach.

Keep in mind that if you are using Twitter for business and marketing, that you are always honest and straight forward. People will look at shady posts and run in the other direction without thinking twice, and it is important for the success as well as the reputation of many entrepreneurs that the content they produce for Twitter is on the up and positive.

Being part of the conversation that Twitter provides means looking and responding to tweets other people post and writing relevant responses to those. This will help you to get your name out there as others read your stuff, and it also allows you to expand your niche and your overall reach. Keep working the system and using twitter for business and marketing can turn out to be a valuable and lucrative tool at your disposal if you are consistent and vigilant with keeping a presence and conversation going on a regular basis.

The other key thing to remember is that it takes time to build a following, and it can be months before you start to see results. But, the good news is that once the ball is rolling, it can grow fast, like a snowball rolling down hill. Don't give up and let things take their course, but make sure that you are always posting interesting and fresh content, not only on your account, but also through your interaction and feedback of others and their products as well.

Using Twitter for business and marketing is an incredibly affordable and effective way to target your audience, however it is best used as part of a comprehensive internet and social networking marketing strategy. This should include frequent website updates, videos, blogging as well as the use of social media sites like as well. The bottom line is that the more you can connect your brand or service with those who are looking for what you are offering, the more revenue and results you can expect with minimal expense.

If you are looking for a fresh and innovative way to expand your reach, then using Twitter for business and marketing should be something to consider. It is a powerful and effective way to communicate, and businesses have tapped into the potential that it provides. However, because it is still a new technology that is just discovering its place in the social network scene, there are no hard and fast rules that can be applied to everyone.

The good news is that using Twitter for business and marketing strategies can open a door that was never available. After time, your presence and following can grow exponentially if you nurture and develop your following as well as how well and how frequently you contribute to the conversations that others are having. Enjoy the benefits this wonderful system offers, but be honest, consistent and credible so that people will develop confidence and trust in what you post.

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