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Posted by Christa Palm on March 27, 2011


On March 16, 2011, Google announced on their official Google Research blog, that they plan to spend three years researching Internet advertising. The research will be released to the public upon completion for use in business and personal internet advertising, and Google expects the findings "will contribute to the evolving discipline of market algorithms."

Google does not state, however, how this will be used within the Google search engine itself. It is assumed that the findings will be used to adjust Google's algorithm to better deliver legitimate websites and/or optimized advertising to the huge network of Google users, but some bloggers, like Stephen Chapman at ZDnet seo blog, believe Google plans to "to deepen their already-deep pockets."

How the Study Will Help Businesses

However, whatever Google's motives may be, the research should benefit internet businesses in the years to come. The findings are expected to identify the most effective internet advertising techniques - which will help all businesses better develop an effective internet marketing campaign.

The research will focus on how the newest forms of e-commerce, social network advertising, and online advertising drive customer to online auctions. Since these advertising methods have broadened to more directly advertise to target audiences, Google will study the effectiveness and profitability of each.

In the Meantime

While we wait on pins and needles for the results of the study, internet advertising options like pay-per-click ads, AdSense ads, and social networking advertising remain available. Industry suggestions about each of these advertisement options will still be effective, even while the studies are being conducted.

For that reason, each option should still be used as laid out below:

  • Pay-per-click ads - Good for small businesses. The ads can be displayed on affiliate websites, or you can be matched with an ideal website through internet advertising companies.
  • AdSense ads - Enrolling in AdSense is great for small and large businesses, because packages can be purchased at differing monetary values. AdSense displays your advertisement to the customers most likely to purchase your product, based on their internet search history.
  • Social networking ads - Also great for different sized companies. Businesses can choose to display a business page and advertise only through connections with friends, or they may choose to purchase an advertising package through the social network site.
  • Social media advertising - Great for start-up internet sites and smaller companies because of the extensive time and effort needed (but at no cost). Social media advertising takes a lot of individual focus and time to build friendships through various social media sites, like Flickr, Photobucket and Wordpress, so it is not ideal for larger companies.

Of course, internet advertising options are even more widespread than these main options. Businesses can still promote their websites - and thereby increase page rank and advertising potential - by adding excellent content, working on website design and adding effective tags. Then, when the study is complete and we get word from Google on the most effective advertising options, the business can hit the ground running to advertise effectively.

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