Why You Should Consider Vanity Toll Free Numbers as Part of Your Business Strategy

Posted by Jimmy Cobb on February 14, 2013


If you have ever wondered whether or not vanity toll free numbers make any sense as part of your business strategy, this article aims to hopefully provide some helpful insight into the matter. Toll free numbers are nothing new. They actually emanate from a different era in our history where it was costly to call anyone, anywhere. When companies wanted to appeal to their long distance callers, they figured that by offering them a toll free means of calling them they could effectively do so; and they were right. Now, however, vanity toll free numbers are the evolution of that mindset. But do they make sense for your business?

Strong Advertising Returns

Did you know that companies that used vanity toll free numbers as part of their advertising plan, and in their advertising materials, with call tracking features, actually increased their response rate exponentially (survey for year 2012)? Well how much did they increase it by? Try anywhere from a 25-50% increase in response calls thanks to vanity toll free numbers.

Higher Recall Rate Than URLs

Compared to websites, vanity toll free numbers actually net more phone calls. Merge them with a website, and you can only imagine the response. Compared just to a singular web URL, though, vanity toll free numbers enjoy a 54% response rate over a person having to manually type a URL instead.

Receive More Calls than Numeric

Here's another interesting factoid that's biased in favor of vanity toll free numbers. Your numeric phone number will receive far less phone calls, according to recent statistics. If you are wondering by how much, the answer is a lot. Try more than 80%. A caller is eight times likelier to call vanity toll free numbers than they are to dial numeric numbers, easily helping feed this argument in favor of.

Easy to Implement with Existing Phone System

One of the best aspects of vanity toll free numbers is they no longer require that you implement some expensive and confusing phone system. Rather, they can tie directly to your office lines. With auto-forwarding and department features, you can set up departments and extensions, and callers are prompted which one to dial. The master mainframe then routes the incoming call to the appropriate auto-forwarded office line that you designate.

Make the Most of Your Ad Campaigns

Considering that the numbers don't lie, why limit your ad campaign and its effectiveness? With vanity toll free numbers, you can enjoy a strong 54% increase over URLS, a whopping 25-50% higher response rate when included in your marketing materials, and if you use call tracking, you can easily discern your closing rates and percentages, all merely based upon your telephonic records. All things considered, it's not that outlandish to think about implementing vanity toll free numbers any longer. Think of them like your telephone branding. People will always use phones. So much like you have a catchy website and logo and brand name, vanity toll free numbers are essentially your telephonic brand name.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Jimmy Cobb.

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