How to Determine Logistics for a New Restaurant? 3 Tips to Help You

Posted by Manilyn Moreno on May 22, 2013


The success of a restaurant or any food service business is not possible unless the logistics work well for the establishment. Indeed, if the restaurant functions well and fine, what follows is great customer service, which could translate to satisfied and happy clients who'll be willing to come back to enjoy another plate or two of your exciting dishes.

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On the other hand, if your business' logistics turn from bad to worse, expect to say bye-bye to your customers.  There's no question that food service logistics is one of the most important factors that determine the success of any restaurant or business for this matter. If you are a startup business, you really have to give serious consideration how will logistics work for your business' advantage, so that aside from welcoming more customers, you can give them an excellent dining experience. This is the best way of establishing a solid relationship with your customers so they'll have the reason to visit and eat in your restaurant again and again.

So, how do you determine you restaurant's logistics? How do you make sure that your logistics work well for your restaurant's success? Keep reading and find out.

Consider your location

No one wants to eat at a restaurant at a remote location. Even if you serve the best dishes in town, if your restaurant is situated somewhere far from the road or on top of a building, they wouldn't bother waste their time. Consider the demographics. Does it go well for your plans? Your location can make or break your business. So choose one that's within easy access to people so they won't have difficult going to and from your restaurant. Remember, convenience matters most.

Consider your capital

Make sure you have enough working capital to pay for the rent, refurbish and equip your restaurant, and advertisements and promotional.  Also make sure to reserve enough funds to cover for the emergencies. Ideally, you need at least six months' worth of ready cash to inject into your business' operations. And if necessary, make sure credit is available for any shortfalls.

Consider your kitchen and dining room setup

There has to be enough tables and chairs to accommodate your customers and give them a comfortable feel. However, see to it that the furniture matches your restaurant's theme and the utensils and plates have to be in excellent appearance. Paper plates are a big no no. The kitchen has to be well-equipped, too, and it should be spacious enough to allow your staff to move conveniently during the rush hour.

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