Taking a new phase of conceptual art

Posted by Dino Patowary on March 12, 2013


Whenever we hear the word art, we think about painters, canvases, painting exhibitions etc. these are off course integral part of fine arts but there are many other applications of artistic works in different walks of like. When see an animated character on the screen, we must remember that it is also a work of art. It is created for practical use and has specific purpose but nonetheless in order to give it shape, a good amount of creative effort was spent. We should not undermine the work of those people who by profession exercise their creative talent to bring us animated films, games, videos, advertisements etc. these people are artists and their work is based on 2D concept art.

Painters are mostly random with their creation but professional artists like storyboard artists, graphic designers, animators, logo designers etc. cannot afford to be like that. They are generally part of a studio, a production company or a professional designing company, though some work as free lancers. The studio or the company is given projects by clients and the artists apply their talent to complete the project as demanded by the client. So you see they need to channelize their creative forces towards a particular direction or concept and get to the best possible result.

If the client is not happy with the work they will have rework the things until it matches the client's preferences. So it is clear that professional artists have to work under a constant pressure to deliver commercially satisfying results, not just creatively.

We can take the popular example of how computer games are created. First a script is developed based on a concept which then works as the basis of the storyboard. The storyboard features both text and figures that will be used in the game. From here the process of developing the in game characters begin. Their main appearance is first put into shape.

Then the physical attributes are added by the animators. All this while the creative director keeps watch on the progress of the work. If at any stage he feels that the characters are not matching the creative vision behind the game he will intervene. Once the characters are finally approved, the phase of using them in action begins. Motions and gestures are added with the help of animation software. As a result we see animated characters move and perform actions on the screen. The look and mannerisms of the in game characters are inspired by a particular concept and hence can be called 2D concept art.

Once the characterization is over, the other important aspects are created. This includes the background or the surrounding environment of the characters. Finally appropriate sound effects are added to make a wholesome multimedia product.

The job of the artists working on such projects is to express their creativity with the help of technical tools that are available to them and create a result that the majority of people can connect to and experience and enjoy.

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