Surefire Optimization Tips for your Facebook Page

Posted by Tanya Hansen on February 03, 2013


Businesses have been quick to realize the importance of having a presence on social networking sites like Facebook, you can see that almost all the major companies have their own Fan Pages. As a small business owner, you too can leverage the power FB has, to reach out to more people and build your brand. But you need to ensure your page is capable of attracting fans.

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Different people have different opinions on how to optimize your Facebook Page. Here I'm going to talk about some of the most effective methods. Eventually you need to figure out what works best for your page.

Choose the right name for your page:

Don't stuff the name with keywords; that's more likely to drive people away and they may be less inclined to engage with your page and share your posts. On the other hand being too generic (Travel, Bakery etc) is also not such a good idea. FB might just shut down your ability to post updates and increase your fan following. As the first word in the title is given most weightage by Google you need to ensure that it's an attention grabber. If the name is one that can be directly associated with your brand name, that's always the best practise.

Create a custom vanity URL:

Once you get a minimum of 25 likes you can create a unique URL or username for the page. Ensure that this URL is relevant to your business as URLs are given a lot of importance by search engines. You can also take a look at the options Facebook offers before settling on a username.

Keywords must be strategically positioned:

The most essential form of on-site SEO is optimizing keywords, just as for any website. You should especially be careful in the following sections: About, Mission, Company Description, as they are considered SEO elements. You should also enter appropriate info in the Company Overview, Mission, and Products fields to optimize the page for product related search. Put in a brief description of your fan page so that this message is shown in the search engine clip.

Include your complete address with zip and your phone number so that your page is well optimized for local search. This step is vital for increasing your local followers. Google also lays emphasis on pages with detailed info, so such pages will definitely help in increasing your brand's SEO.

Backlink to your fan page on existing channels:

Google is also a big fan of links; the more back links or inbound links on your fan page, the more authoritative it is in Google's eyes. This means higher ranking; so where possible include links to your fan page from your other online entities like your blogs, Twitter accounts, your business site, and so on.

Optimize your FB fan page status updates:

The first 18 characters of your post are considered to be the meta description; keep that in mind when you post your next update. That text will also become the SEO title for that post. You could think of incorporating links to your business site in your updates too. Again, the first word is considered the most vital, so you may want to make that word a keyword.

Facebook Notes:

These can effectively increase your overall SEO if you utilize them properly. This feature allows your page to create several pages beneath the main fan page. You can easily give detailed info about promos, offers or even events that you are going to host. Needless to say with the help of FB notes you can also have these offers and events indexed by search engines.

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