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Posted by Christa Palm on December 18, 2010


Google PageRank is a very important part of your internet marketing. Without a satisfactory PageRank, your website could cause your business to be viewed as too small or too untrustworthy by potential customers. On the other hand, if your website ranks high on Google PageRank, your business may experience instant status and increased business. Let's take a look at what exactly Google PageRank is and what can you do to rank high.

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is a mathematical equation, an algorithm, which determines individual internet site "weights." Using 500 million variables, two billion terms, and value as cast by votes, Google determines the worth of each internet site on the World Wide Web. Since pages are always advancing and changing, Google continuously recounts PageRank to deliver the best websites for each Google search, in order of PageRank calculation.

How Do I Increase My PageRank?

There are many theories about how to increase Google PageRank, but the most highly trusted sources of PageRank increase are creating hyperlinks to highly-ranked existing sites, updating your site continuously with sensible materials, and drawing traffic. Each of these ideas are broad and deserve more careful consideration, as follows:

  • Creating hyperlinks. Linking a new website to already highly ranked sites can increase the Google PageRank. Since the PageRank principals of weight include a portion of measurement as a value cast by votes, the idea of creating hyperlinks to increase rank is gaining popularity. However, new PageRank developments have begun to address the deceptive practice of increasing rank through linking. The best way to increase rank based upon hyperlinks is therefore to make cyber-friends in the new website's topic community who will link their top-ranked sites to yours.
  • Site updates. Creating new material for your website can also increase rank. In recent years, freelance writers have offered their skills to write search engine optimization (SEO) articles and blogs for websites. The additions of these SEO articles and blogs to a website encourage a PageRank increase. As more and more relevant articles are added to the site, the Google PageRank has more options in its continuous re-ranking system to pick up on the credibility of the new site. The most important thing about adding material to the site is to make it relevant, use keywords, and make it worthy of comment from current and future cyber-friends.
  • Drawing traffic. Popular sites are also more likely to gain recognition from Google PageRank. Therefore, drawing traffic to your site is one of the more integral parts of internet marketing. An increase in traffic can be encouraged through making cyber-friends, updating your site, creating hyperlinks, and advertising.

Top Google PageRank is a very desirable asset for any company because it increases both traffic and sales. By focusing on hyperlinks, site updates, and internet traffic, a business can boom from a great PageRank. So, create cyber-friends, add relevant material to your site consistently, and work with high-ranking sites to hyperlink your new site, and your business will take off.

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