Easy and Fun Ways to Shed the Weight While at Home

Posted by Madyson Grant on March 01, 2013


The traditional ways to shed weight while at home often require long periods of focused activity that is rarely enjoyable. Spending hours every day in a small room with exercise equipment or tapes makes the idea of burning calories unattractive. Fortunately, there are several fun and easy ways to lose weight without leaving the home.

Easy and Fun Ways to Shed the Weight While at Home

1. Part of shedding weight while at home is prevention. Anyone who is at home all day will eventually have the urge to eat. These cravings are much more frequent during passive activities such as watching television. Taking up an engaging and interactive hobby will reduce the desire to eat throughout the day. Hobbies like painting will keep the mind focused on fun topics rather than food.

2. Many different types of video games are now available that are fun for adults that will help anyone to lose weight while at home. Some of these games provide simple narration that will walk a person through a sequence of stretches. Others use a special pad on the floor to track progress or to move items on the screen. Some of the most effective games use special cameras to create a fun and interactive environment that keeps players moving around the room.

3. Cooking a large and healthy meal will burn calories and contribute to weight loss. Staying active by cutting vegetables, hauling pots to the range and moving around the kitchen will burn close to 100 calories every hour. Additionally, cooking healthy meals that include low-calorie vegetables and whole grains will give the body the energy necessary to perform other activities around the house without the unwanted side effects of unhealthy snack foods.

4. Simple exercises performed in the living room can become tedious and boring. A better idea is to take the exercise to a location that is more fun. It is possible to spend time exercising while sitting in a heated hot tub with massage jets. Moving the legs, body and arms while under water makes it easy to develop muscles and to burn calories in a low-impact environment. This is an especially fun activity after finding a new hot tub for the house that is comfortable enough for seated water exercises.

5. A very effective way to lose weight while at home is to plant a garden. Gardening takes place outdoors and requires constant physical motion. The ground must be turned, plants watered and weeds removed. This is often better than exercise because the activity has immediately visible rewards in the garden. Gardening can also become a source for organic or fresh vegetables that are part of a healthy diet for weight loss.

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