Health Issues Caused by Use of Laptops

Posted by Serven Serven on April 24, 2013


There may be a few certain houses that do not have a television but there is no household these days without a laptop computer. Usually almost every member in the family possesses and greatly depends upon a laptop. Desktop computers had their own health problems and new technology tried to work on them but with the emergence of these sleek machines another new level of health problems are on the rise and it is not so easy to fix them.

The design of laptops is a major cause to health related problems because the attachment of the screen to the keyboard creates many usage issues affecting our posture. Laptops are designed to be used on the lap of course but we use them while in bed, in compact spaces with no leg room and even in a moving car which can be very stressful on the eyes. Though we have an easy to use, transportable machine, we take it for granted and the easy use results in damage to our health.


There has much awareness related to ergonomics for using desktop computers but most of it is overseen or ignored as we believe that there is no need for it with laptops. This thought is extremely wrong as using the laptop in abnormal positions can cause worse problems then an incorrect posture with a desktop. With laptops we tend to lie down in awkward positions, even twist our necks to watch movies and it is common for the eyes or the eyes to be at an inappropriate level on the laptop.

Placing the Laptop on the Lap

Though as the name suggests laptops are designed to be easily used by keeping on the lap, this is highly undesirable and can result in various, serious, health problems.

Firstly the screen would be much lower then the eye level causing strain on the neck as well as the eyes and prolonged use will result muscle pain to slowly build up which we usually realise after its at an extreme. This practice also causes eye sight to considerably decrease.

Secondly the laptop emits EMF rays which are harmful and placing the computer on or very near to the skin will result in high exposure to the dangerous rays.

There have also been cases of skin being toasted with a change in colour to browning tone for those who place their laptops on their laps, using no laptop accessories such as a cooling tray, especially girls with bare legs.

Carrying Laptops

Some people, particularly weak girls, are unable to handle the weight of laptops especially when combined with battery and charger etc. which results in strains and pains. These people have to carry the load around at office or work which soon becomes a nuisance and one strap laptop bags means all loads on one, poor shoulder.

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