5 Careers That Will Continue To Bless Your Life

Posted by Casey Haslem on May 06, 2013


Most of us work everyday at the same job because we have to, not because we enjoy it. Unfortunately, that is the reality of life. We have to work to earn a living so that the necessities can be paid for. In a sense, money is the most important thing in our lives because we would not be able to survive without it. With this knowledge, many people strive to get stable jobs so that they can avoid financial problems and enjoy life a little bit more. If you're looking for a career that will bless your life in one way or another, consider the five below.

Electrical Engineering

This career involves manipulating electricity for the benefit of mankind. Electricity is commonly used in society to power everything from light bulbs and automobiles to computers and microwave ovens. Without electronics, or devices that use electricity to function, our lives would be much more difficult than most of us could imagine. In addition to knowing that they help the world go round, electrical engineers are blessed with a great salary, excellent benefits, and an interesting and dynamic career. If you are interested in this job, apply to one of many electrical engineering masters programs for the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

5 Careers That Will Continue To Bless Your Life


Nurses are a blessing to humanity because they save lives everyday. These noble, compassionate individuals endure long hours on empty stomachs and full bladders to ensure that strangers are alive and healthy. Nurses will tell you that the biggest blessing of their job is to be able to see the smiles on patients' faces after being treated. Good pay and a flexible schedule aren't bad extras either.

Law Enforcement

The men and women of law enforcement are society's heroes and protectors. As a police officer, you will rest easy knowing that your family is safe at home while you're out getting the bad guys off the streets and behind bars. The gratitude that you will receive from the masses is enough blessing to keep you going in this dangerous profession. In return for your service, you and your family will enjoy a nice salary, good benefits, and a hefty retirement fund. By donning the uniform each morning, you are a blessing to your family and your community.


If you own or plan to own a business, you will benefit greatly from having accounting experience. Mismanagement of funds is the most common cause of business failure, and you can greatly reduce the risks by learning how to keep track of your money properly. Don't let your loved ones experience the fear of a failed business by doing your stuff, and earn a great living while you're at it.


Joining the ranks of an organized religion may not be the best way to get rich, but it is surely satisfying in many other ways. You will be respected in the community for bringing hope, peace, and guidance to the people. As a servant of God, you will surely receive His blessing by spreading the faith.

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