Visual Marketing Drives Fan Engagement

Posted by Steve Mehr on January 11, 2013


If your internet marketing is stuck in a rut, try something new. Visual marketing has become a significant piece of internet marketing, as is evidenced by the rise of picture collection and sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These internet giants came out of near obscurity fueled by internet users' love of pictures and desire to share them with others.

We are fortunate to have massive amounts of content available at the touch of our fingers. When you log onto your computer, you're inundated with content. Searches literally return millions of results ranging from written content to pictures and videos. But instead of relying upon words to tell your brand's story, why not rely upon pictures? Pictures can be used to tell a different story of your brand, and can increase your fans' engagement, attracting new fans and new traffic to your website with every share.

Visual marketing is a rising star in internet marketing. Businesses are finding it increasingly easy to reach consumers with compelling visuals. But how do you leverage visual marketing appropriately? Are you aware of how to use visual marketing in order to boost your brand?

Use Visual Marketing to Tell Your Brand's Story

What is marketing, if not a conversation about your brand with your desired audience? You are constantly telling the story of your brand with every advertisement, blog, social media post, picture, and email newsletter. You are trying to compel your audience to get involved and to become a part of that brand story by purchasing your goods and services. And you are listening to determine whether your target consumers have heard you and understood. Using visual marketing, you can create a compelling and captivating story to tell your desired audience, achieving wonderful results for your internet marketing. Consider the following tips to using visual marketing as a piece of your internet marketing:

  • Tell the visual story of your brand. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. In every advertisement, pictures communicate the desired life, traits, and behaviors that brands want consumers to believe about the product, goods, or services. Similarly, when you post pictures about your brand, you'll want to communicate your brand's story to consumers. Your pictures should communicate your brand's attributes- its luxury, or its affordability and practicality, its uniqueness, or quirkiness. Let your brand shine with compelling visuals.
  • Don't wander off brand and confuse consumers. Often, businesses get swept up in the fun of using visuals to communicate with their customers. But at times, they can wander off message. If you're a luxury retailer, you don't want to introduce messaging regarding discount, low quality, low cost, or easily achieved merchandise. Instead, you want to stick to a carefully crafted message. For instance, luxury retailer Louis Vuitton keeps a strict message of luxury, communicating that with pictures of the rich and famous with their brands, the opulent surroundings echoing their stylish and sophisticated products. A master of visual marketing, Louis Vuitton knows that to suggest a pochette would be an affordable product for women desiring their goods would be to signal they might be attainable by just anyone. And that message would both confuse consumers and likely drive some of them away. Stay on brand, on message, and craft a visual marketing campaign which reinforces your brand's values.
  • Turn your users into brand ambassadors and product evangelists. Whatever your business, you've likely got some loyal customers, or you wouldn't be functioning in the first place. Coopt these fans' love of your goods and services and turn them into walking talking advertisements for your brand. Consider hosting contests where customers can upload images of them engaging with your brand. Encourage your fans and followers to download avatars, social media skins, and other such graphics to advertise their love of the brand. These are compelling visual endorsements of the brand and translate into increased brand loyalty and fan engagement.

No matter your unique niche, you can use visual marketing to drive your internet marketing. This powerful tool can increase fan engagement, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales dollars. Brands that use pictures in their internet marketing campaigns (such as email marketing and social media marketing) experience gains that are 3 to 6 times higher than campaigns not including visual marketing. Could your brand use triple the fan engagement and traffic to your website? Try adding visual marketing to your internet marketing strategies and see how far it can take your business!

About Author: Steve Mehr is the CEO of WebShark360, a marketing and advertising agency with focus on attorney marketing. WebShark360 offers its clients an array of services including website design, SEO, public relations, content marketing, and media buying. The WebShark360 difference is captivating designs and meaningful marketing with your core client in mind.

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