Must-Know 'Nokia Lumia 920' Phone Tips & Tricks

Posted by Mark Dwayne on February 08, 2013


Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Lumia 920, the world's first set of phone with Windows Phone operating system has reached the retail stores making it easy for customers to get their hands on the device. Nokia Lumia 920 can perform several activities and these small things do make a difference. The new operating system is designed with several interesting features, which make it possible to implement diverse tricks and tips.

Readable Messages

It is a well-known fact that when the Windows button is held down, the 'speech recognition' function can be accessed. The new trick is that with the help of a Bluetooth headset, messages can be turned on. The messages will be read to you via the headset. These messages can be replied and edited using the voice. This is an amazing trick that comes handy while driving.

App Controls

Accessing the Apps folder and opening apps with just a click of a button is highly preferred. Press the 'back' button in the phone to zoom and see the apps that are running behind the screen. Merely by pressing the 'back' button, you can return to an opened app and close the app. Do you want to close all the apps? Just tap the back button several times.


If you are a person who is too busy at work, you might want to receive notifications on messages, emails, phone calls and others? You can activate this option by going to 'Settings' and opening 'Lock Screen.' From here click on 'Quick Status' and activate the notifications feature. If you choose the 'battery saver' option, your battery level can be verified without the need to unlock the phone.

Camera Controls

One common problem in touchscreen phones is the automatic activation of camera. This can be gently avoided by choosing 'Applications' from 'Settings.' Select 'Pictures,' and click on 'Camera.' The slider needs to be gently tapped next to 'Prevent accidental camera launch when phone is locked.' If you want to click pictures by simply tapping the screen, this menu can be used to make the changes.


The camera in Nokia Lumia 920 is home to a few additional lenses that includes new functions. This option can be used to convert your photos into movies. Do you want to try this feature? If yes, launch cinemagraph on your phone and focus on an object that moves and click the picture. You also have options to control the speed, length and also highlight areas that are animated.

Delete Email

The usual way of deleting emails is to tap on the message and choosing 'delete.' The simple trick here is to tap on the left side of the message and to open a set of tick boxes. Choose the email to be deleted and click on the 'delete' button that appears at the bottom of the screen. You also have the option to move to other folders by just tapping on the right side of the screen.

These tips and tricks will definitely make your life much easier than before. Your phone activities can be performed with much ease with Nokia Lumia 920.

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