5 Tips on Improving Your SEO and Getting More Traffic to Your Site

Posted by Simon Lunn on February 16, 2013


One of the best ways to get more people to visit a website is through the use of search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is a very legitimate and reliable online marketing service that helps individuals or organisations to make their websites to be more visible on various search engines including Yahoo!, Bing, and Google. The following are the top 5 SEO strategies that can help website owners in increasing traffic to their sites:

1. Having Effective Meta Tags

Meta tags play a major role in telling search engines what a particular site is all about and how it should be indexed. They provide search engines with important information concerning the contents of a web page. They also help search engines determine if a website is a suitable listing in regards to a particular search query. Some of the commonly used Meta Tags include Meta description, title tag, Meta copyright tag, Meta refresh tag, Meta authors tag, Meta robot tag, and keyword tag.

Website owners should be very careful while using the different Meta tags. They should not exceed the standard character limit required by major search engines.

2. Having Fresh Regularly Updated Content

Writing good content with relevant keywords and adding new content on a regular basis to a site enhances organic search engine traffic growth. Search engines are always ready and willing to reward sites with high-quality content by increasing their search engine ranking. The more frequently a site's content is updated, the more frequently it is visited by search engine spiders. It is very important for website owners to note that new and updated content will always keep visitors coming back time and again in large numbers. If a website is of low or poor quality, no one will be interested in visiting it or sharing its contents with others.

3. Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to the success of SEO. They not only drive traffic to a site, but also create what is known as 'authority', a vital feature recognised by search engine algorithms. Sites with high authority usually appear first on the list of results or pages generated by a search engine. To boost the ranking of a site and create dominance in the search engines, it is very imperative for website owners to create many high-quality backlinks. One of the simplest ways of creating backlinks is by using the Backlink Builder tool.

4. Using Social Media

Many website owners might not have known it, but social sites have the ability to improve their SEO and boost their online presence. This is because social media has continued to create a positive impact on many people in different parts of the world. Therefore, it is very important for website owners to install buttons for major social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter on their website. The buttons will allow more people to visit the site and share the content with others.

5. Input Correct Keywords

Keywords are the lifeblood of a website. They should not only be enough, but also relevant to the targeted audience or market. For applicable terms regarding keyword, it is very advisable for web owners to review Google's Keyword Tool. If the keywords are not placed correctly or used inappropriately, the site will have very low chances of getting a good rank in the social engines. The keywords should be placed naturally and not in an obvious repeated pattern.

Building an SEO is a natural process that takes time. It requires patience, consistency, considerable effort, and constant monitoring to enhance traffic. By using all the above mentioned strategies, web site owners can only expect the best results.

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